Mapcom Systems: Comprehensive Operating Platform for Better Network Management

CIO VendorJohn Granger, President & CEO
Wireless technology is rapidly evolving; it plays an increasingly important role in the day-to-day operations of enterprises around the world. Headquartered in Richmond, VA, Mapcom Systems helps customers realize and quantify the benefits through the use of innovative wireless solutions. “Our customers expressed a need for a wireless management solution; we investigated how fixed and mobile wireless systems should be managed and worked with them to create our wireless module,” explains Chuck Flournoy, Vice President and COO of Mapcom Systems.

The company is best known for its M4 Solutions, a visual operations platform that empowers service providers to effectively manage their workforce, as well as fiber, coax, wireless and copper networks. “In today’s telecommunications industry many of our customers have fixed and mobile wireless networks along with a wire line network,” explains Travis Hobbs, a Product Manager for Mapcom specializing in wireless functionalities. The wireless portion is usually a separate entity from the wire line company, and their management needs to be able to consolidate information from both companies into a single location. Service providers often pay consultants to set up and generate propagation coverage maps for FCC reporting purposes, such as Form 477. “With the M4 Solutions Suite they are able to do these themselves, lowering their operating costs,” says Travis.

M4 Wireless allows users to document and model their wireless network not only in their project in M4 but also overlaid onto aerial photography, in conjunction with the additional information and layers provided through the M4 Data Integration Engine. “This consolidation of data from various applications onto a single map makes for an extremely powerful wireless tool capable of delivering live information for use by all departments within a company,” says Travis. Also, Chuck states “We integrate with their network monitoring system which provides visual alerts on the wireless map and also correlates data from their billing system to bring live information into M4 Wireless, providing real time data and reports.”
With the consolidated data available for all departments, each needs to be able to identify and utilize the business intelligence that M4 Wireless provides. This allows for in-depth marketing intelligence and revenue growth in addition to creating a better customer experience by quickly identifying and correcting network and coverage issues that may arise.

Some of Mapcom’s clients have used the suite to solve recurring issues. Many were not able to maximize their wireless revenue because they had no consolidated marketing data available to correlate and geocode against each antenna’s coverage footprint. Their customers would call in to a customer service representative (CSR) or walk up to their kiosk in a mall and ask for services but found it difficult to immediately determine if they had wireless service available in a particular location. These delays led to an unacceptable customer experience as they had to tell the potential customers that they would contact them later with an answer.

“M4 Wireless provides these clients with the ability to immediately determine what services, delivered over wireless or wireline, should be sold to their potential customers based on that customer’s address,” says Travis. Even better, with the consolidated marketing data now available in M4 Wireless, the marketing department may select a tower and based on the antenna’s coverage generate a customer non-take report that contains important demographic data necessary for developing and implementing marketing strategies for increased revenue. “M4 W ireless is having a direct impact on revenue generation and increased customer satisfaction for our clients,” says Travis.

Moving forward, the company is centered firmly on their commitment to anticipate and problem-solve on behalf of their prospects and customers, enabling them to succeed and prosper in competitive markets. “The months and years ahead will show new products aimed at helping our customers create new revenue, productivity opportunities and customer service enhancements for wireless providers,” says Chuck. In addition, Mapcom will continue to enhance and offer new products and features in support of other aspects of telecommunications operations including fiber/circuits, workforce and process flow management within the overall M4 Software Solutions Suite.

Mapcom Systems

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John Granger, President & CEO and Chuck Flournoy, VP & COO

Mapcom Systems is a software development and services company focused on delivering tailored solutions for telecommunications providers