Mapmechanics: Driving GIS, Data, and Mapping Innovation

David Cockrell, Director
Nowadays, many companies are turning to mapping and demographic data as it is crucial in the development of almost all areas of business. There is a need for Business Intelligence (BI) in order to integrate data from multiple business applications and access relevant business data quickly and efficiently. While BI helps companies deliver clarity, the Internet of Things (IoT) plays an even bigger role today. IoT is transforming companies by driving deeper customer connections and introducing new business models and revenue streams. Building on the heritage of delivering geographic data driven solutions for M2M since the mid-1990s, “we are bringing to market a number of IoT, Smart City, Geographic Information System (GIS) products to leverage location intelligence,” begins David Cockrell, Director, Mapmechanics.

With an aim to simplify and help CIOs leverage data and mapping solutions, Mapmechanics provides solutions that assist companies efficiently plan, collect, and deliver operations and visualize and analyze market penetration. The company is a recognized expert in the provision, processing, and enhancement of mapping data for Oracle systems. It has clients that operate in different areas including bottled gas delivery, field service engineers, home delivery operations, retailers, and utilities. “We are a one-stop shop for geographic data content for businesses across the world and use a wide variety of software systems to provide our data in common formats for specific software applications in the Oracle, BI and GIS spaces,” says Cockrell.

“We offer an extensive range of digital mapping data for use in innovative map-based services and logistics planning solutions,” adds Cockrell. Mapmechanics’ map-based technologies help companies reduce their expenses and increase revenue, while offering excellent customer service. The company also provides GIS digital mapping, sales and marketing applications, and logistics planning solutions such as territory optimization, routing, and scheduling.

“We provide digital mapping data for use with Oracle Business Intelligence Edition, Oracle Real-time Scheduler, Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management, Siebel Workforce Management, Oracle Transportation Management, Oracle E-business Suite Advanced Scheduler, and Oracle Spatial (MapViewer, Spatial GeoCoder, Spatial Routing Engine),” says Cockrell.

We assist clients reduce the incremental cost of new business and drive greater efficiency, while still offering excellent customer service

Mapmechanics delivers digital map data products ranging from simple postcode boundary files to interactive portals that embed the latest mapping and aerial photos in their application or calculate drive times or public transport time tabled journey routes and isochrones.

Mapmechanics helps organizations identify the best solution for their specific application together with consultancy, bespoke development, training, and technical support. Recently, Sainsbury—the second largest chain of supermarkets in UK—which was a long-time user of Oracle Real-Time Scheduler software, was benefitted by Mapmechanics’ effective solutions. After implementing Mapmechanics’ solutions, the client was able to deliver 250,000 home shopping orders in a week, and use 1,800 delivery vans, and 6,000 drivers. “Sainsbury was able to provide on time performance and deliver record volumes—more than 10,000 orders in a day,” says Cockrell. “We assist clients reduce the incremental cost of new business and drive greater efficiency, while still offering excellent customer service.”

“Our geo-solutions team extracts and collates data to create meaningful business information, for use in a host of location based solutions,” adds Cockrell. The company’s developers and consultants are determined to help customers in improving business efficiency by delivering effective solutions.

Moving ahead, Mapmechanics will continue ex-tending the capabilities of Oracle’s off the shelf solutions to better integrate with in-house systems. The company is on the road to develop more ‘Location’ and ‘Hyper Location’ products for Smart Cities and IoT—whether for cloud based analysis or at the Edge Node. “We are further monitoring emerging markets and solutions within IoT and Smart Cities to enhance our company’s product portfolio,” concludes Cockrell.


Clearwater, FL

David Cockrell, Director

Provider of innovative map-based analysis software and services including GIS, digital mapping, sales and marketing applications, and logistics planning solutions