Marchex: Delivering Valuable Insights from Advertising-Driven Phone Calls

Pete Christothoulou, CEO
A successful mobile advertising campaign can transform a business by acquiring new customers and building brand awareness. However, advertisers spend billions each year on mobile advertising, without having the tools or technology to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns. “Ironically, most consumer purchases from mobile experiences happen offline, either through consumer phone calls to businesses or in-store visits. Yet, CMOs and CIOs lack the technology to measure these actions,” notes Pete Christothoulou, CEO, Marchex. Seattle, WA, based Marchex has taken this challenge head-on and established itself as a pioneer in mobile advertising industry. The company has cutting-edge solutions that deliver visibility to marketers on inbound phone calls from mobile and online ad campaigns.

Through its analytics platform, Marchex enables marketers to measure in real-time when a consumer makes a phone call from a mobile, digital or offline advertisement. In 2015, consumers will click to call from a mobile search more than 50 billion times, according to research firm BIA/Kelsey. “This ability to make a phone call from a smartphone is convenient and efficient for the consumer, which is why this is so important for marketers to measure,” says Christothoulou.

Marchex’s technology allows its customers to measure the effectiveness of any advertising campaign that results in a phone call. A core ingredient of the technology is Marchex Call DNA, the only conversational analytics technology to visually map, classify, and score every phone call automatically without human involvement. “Through Call DNA, we are able to determine which calls convert into sales and which don’t,” affirms Christothoulou.

Marchex also works with Google to manage local marketing programs for tens of thousands of small businesses that seek phone calls as an outcome of their paid search advertising. “We have been a Google partner for many years now and one of the benefits that we received from them is a close collaboration on how to drive client success. We ensure that the customers using Google’s products are deriving the most value they can,” says Christothoulou.
With over 200 engineers developing products for their clients, the company is highly customer-centric, and ensures that its solutions help clients improve their business. “We listen to our clients’ feedback and develop products that solve their problems,” extols Christothoulou. He further explains that the company provides transparency to the clients by helping them understand what’s happening in their advertising programs and offline experiences. “My philosophy is to be very transparent with our company, the operations, our success, and how our clients view us,” says Christothoulou.

We provide visibility to our clients by helping them measure how effective their advertising programs are at driving consumer purchases

The combined force of Marchex’s advanced analytics platform, paid search solution, and analytics enabled advertising network provide deep insights into every ad campaign. The company’s Call Analytics for Search product delivers 100 percent keyword attribution for every phone call from paid search. For instance, Allconnect—a leading multi-channel marketplace, approached Marchex with a huge problem. Despite investing heavily in click-to-call campaigns from mobile search, Allconnect was unable to understand the specific keywords which were driving calls with purchase intent. Allconnect used Marchex Call Analytics for Search and boosted the gross-profit for click-to-call campaigns by 50 percent and decreased its cost-per-acquisition by 43 percent.

Going forward, the company’s focus will be on additional mobile analytics products. “In this new world of mobility, the CMO and CIO need to invest in analytics platforms to understand and transform their businesses,” says Christothoulou.


Seattle, WA

Pete Christothoulou, CEO

A global leader in mobile analytics, Marchex measures offline consumer actions resulting from mobile experiences.