MariaDB: Ensuring Continuity and Open Collaboration

Michael Howard, CEO
MariaDB is the company behind its namesake product MariaDB, one of the fastest growing relational database platforms. The company is brain child of the team who founded MySQL and wants to takeoff from where MySQL left off. By addressing security issues and numerous closed source features of MySQL that restrain users from leveraging complete suite of functionalities, MariaDB is reinventing the database to support today’s enterprise needs from Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) to analytics. The company provides MariaDB Server and complementary products, including MariaDB MaxScale and MariaDB ColumnStore that are valuable for large, mission-critical environments. “Leading companies all over are waking up and transitioning their spend and time from technology that only benefits vendors, like Amazon or Oracle, to global open source standards, embodied in MariaDB,” says Michael Howard, CEO of MariaDB.

MariaDB Server is an easy-to-use single interface database with in-built security measures at the granular level. Its extensible architecture allows businesses to continuously develop and deploy new applications, modernize legacy systems while maintaining highest level of data security. The solution safeguards data at rest using native encryption and optional external key management and parries network-level security attacks with data-in-motion encryption via TLS/SSL support from its connectors. Through authentication mechanisms at network, server, and application layers, MariaDB Server restricts access to business information and its Audit Plugin records user access for simplifying regulatory compliance.

While ensuring military grade security for its users, MariaDB Server also furnishes multiple ways to scale operations for meeting peak demand requirements and managing large-scale environments. The solution simplifies addition and removal of nodes from a cluster to scale read and write transaction throughput as well as partitioning and sharding of massive data sets with pluggable storage engines. MariaDB Server’s cluster technology, run by Galera, facilitates a synchronous multi-master cluster and offers high availability for distributed environments. The solution also delivers semi-synchronous replication for data availability and protects against failures with automatic membership control and node joining.

Along with scalability MariaDB Server delivers optimal performance of applications and allows businesses to choose storage engines apt for the particular use case.

Leading companies all over are waking up and transitioning their spend and time from technology that only benefits vendors, like Amazon or Oracle, to global open source standards, embodied in MariaDB

The user can attain performance optimization at every layer in the database due to MariaDB Server. The solution’s in-built intelligent optimizer improves query performance and complex query processing and self-governing adaptive thread pools dynamically optimize performance based on load.

The key requirements that drive adoption of MariaDB products are enterprise-grade performance, industry-leading security trusted by banks and government, world-class support and a modern, unique architecture, which is extensible at every layer so users and the community can extend functionality to meet unique needs. In one of the implementation highlights, BlaBlaCar—a ride sharing service—had to achieve application scalability and data availability as parts of its global expansion plans. Data storage and protection were the major requirements of the client. BlaBlaCar chose MariaDB based on later’s technical know how to improve performance and data availability. MariaDB helped the client with multi-source replication for delivering amalgamated data. Eventually, the client could achieve high data availability, scalability of operations, and foray into new geographies.

The ongoing engineering investment in advancing MariaDB security features, combined with a vast ecosystem and continuous open source innovations from the community, makes MariaDB the trusted database for leading brands worldwide. MariaDB has been included in Microsoft Azure, AWS, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Rackspace, and other cloud stacks. Today, company’s user base of 9 million includes global brands such as HP, Wikipedia, Virgin Mobile, and MariaDB aims to create remarkable success stories akin to BlaBlaCar and foray into new markets.


Menlo Park, CA

Michael Howard, CEO

Reinventing database management system to support enterprise needs on permises or in the cloud