MARIANA: Right Marketing Approach to Boost Conversion Rates

Venkat Nagaswamy, Co-founder and CEO
As the marketers veer toward the adoption of customer centric strategies, assuring relevance, context, and effective delivery of content has become a core concern for CMOs. Solution providers are forced to reevaluate their traditional B2B marketing approach—catch-as-catch-can that mostly involves sharing content and messages with large audience to get their response. “With this mass marketing method, very few respondents are found eligible to generate sales, and out of these scarce leads nearly 95 percent do not convert to sales,” says Venkat Nagaswamy, Co- Founder and CEO, Mariana. Nagaswamy explains, “The primary reason behind this occurrence is the lack of marketers’ knowledge about the population or audience to whom the marketing messages are delivered.” Further, additional effort and cost to filter the leads are needed to convert them to sales. Contrary to the conventional marketing approaches and B2B procedures, Mariana, the Palo Alto, CA based firm, takes the opposite route— discovering the potential buyers first and then targeting them to achieve better conversion rates.

Mariana fosters the ‘right marketing approach’, which involves finding the right person, right content, right channel, and at the right time. To bring in this fundamental difference into business, the company uses deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable individualized and personalized marketing. These capabilities are deployed to automatically process tons of unstructured data and form buyer personas. These personas not only reflect the demographics, psychographics, and needs of the buyers, but also produce symmetrical marketing activities. Mariana takes advantage of these insightful personas to identify the prospects and target them on all marketing channels including Facebook and Twitter.

The company provides its clients the marketing upgrade suite that entails the option to either catch prospects or convert leads through the Prospect IQ and Conversion IQ, respectively. Prospect IQ allows marketers to identify and build a relationship with unknown customers on social networking platforms.

We are known for automatically generating personas based on historical data, and hyper targeting specific individuals on high performance platform

Based on the historical data from clients, the company helps spot specific organizations and individuals who are in the buying cycle for a particular category. “By using the list of potential buyers that we provide, clients can run promotion campaigns on our platform to build a firm client relationship,” says Nagaswamy. On the other hand, Conversion IQ enables customers to create better engagement with existing prospects efficiently. The solution collects and augments the existing data about an individual to convert leads in the funnel at rates that are 10X higher.

Both the solutions go hand in hand— the Prospect IQ focuses on prospects ‘above’ the funnel, while Conversion IQ concentrates on leads ‘in’ the funnel. For instance, one of the company’s clients, Fuze—a unified communications platform wanted to generate new leads, and collect information about people that they did not know, to increase their conversion rates. By implementing Prospect IQ, the customer was able to create a list of people who should be targeted. Mariana assisted Fuze to reach maximum prospects on Facebook and Twitter, which was not possible using Google Adwords and also extract the top of the funnel leads, gaining 10X conversion rate.

“We are known for automatically generating personas based on historical data, and hyper targeting specific individuals on high performance platform,” cites Nagaswamy. Mariana has upheld a substantial portion of its promise—identifying the right people and right channel through its products. “Mean-time, we will also be adding more natural language generation capabilities to our existing products to fulfill the essentials of B2B marketing,” concludes Nagaswamy.


Palo Alto, CA

Venkat Nagaswamy, Co-founder and CEO

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