Marin Software [NYSE:MRIN]: Automation and Optimization of Marketing Campaigns

Chris Lien, CEO, Founder & Chairman of the Board
With over years of experience working as the COO at an online performance marketing company, Chris Lien, CEO and Founder of Marin Software, recognized that digital marketers are always searching for new and better ways to optimize campaigns, due to restricted time and budget constraints. Lien shared this thought with his former high school classmate, Wister Walcott, Co-founder and EVP of Product and Technology, Marin Software, and stepped out to lay the foundation of Marin Software. With a powerful campaign management, reporting, and optimization solution for digital marketers, Marin Software allows them to manage, measure, and optimize social media programs— including Facebook and Twitter significantly saving time and money.

The firm’s open, flexible platform, effortlessly encompasses and de-duplicates data pertaining to CRM systems, audience, revenue, and other contextual information from any source, so that advertisers can have a better knowledge of their online and offline performance, based on which they can further optimize their online campaigns for converting higher value customers. Advertisers can also deploy the solution to have a streamlined and social-focused workflow, in order to create, target, and convert, specific audiences based on recent buying signals from users’ search, social, and display interactions. With complete visibility into performance, marketers optimize the amount spent on advertisement across the web and mobile devices, thereby improving business revenue as well as achieving greater ROI across the digital channels.

The firm incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities into its platform, which helps advertisers to automatically optimize their campaigns across multifarious channels— including reallocating budgets to better perform campaigns in real-time and making incremental improvements to find, engage, and acquire high-value customers. In addition, the platform’s powerful, predictive “what if” analysis capabilities allows advertisers to gain transparency and complete control on all their social campaigns for better understanding of how every dollar is performing to make smart decisions.

Advertisers can also deploy the solution to have a streamlined and social-focused workflow

The firm has also unleashed a new feature, Smart Sync for Shopping, which allows retail and ecommerce advertisers to initiate Facebook Dynamic Ads (DA) campaigns across Facebook’s ad network. Through this Smart Sync feature, retail and ecommerce companies have an easy, built-in way to target audiences who have searched for a specific brand or product category on Google.

“Our goal is to extend Marin’s growth and maximize shareholder value. We intend to do this by focusing and meeting customer requirements, the world’s leading advertisers and their agencies as they seek to optimize the returns from their online advertising investments—saving significant time and efficiency,” says Lien. In one instance, a UK online gambling company, LeoVegas, offering over 700 games across casinos, live casinos, slots, and sports-betting, was enthusiastic about video carousel Ads released by Facebook and wanted to highlight its wide selection of games in one ad. LeoVegas adopted Marin Social and Video Carousel Ads, to optimize the game delivery with highest level of engagement—ultimately saving time spent on setting up and previewing campaigns. “The Marin Social account team made the whole process simple. Our lowered costs are a testament to a highly successful campaign and superior enterprise marketing solutions,” asserts Oliver Przybylski, Social Acquisition Manager UK, LeoVegas.

With the best-in-class technology, scale and expertise, Marin continues to stay true to its mission of meeting the demands of the online marketers with unique workflow, analytics, and optimization. Forging ahead, the firm plans to bring in more innovations into its existing platform, to help digital marketers improve financial performance, save time, and make better decisions.

Marin Software

San Francisco, CA

Chris Lien, CEO, Founder & Chairman of the Board

Integrated SaaS ad management platform for social advertising, helping digital marketers improve financial performance