MarkAny: Creating a Secure Environment for Proprietary Designs

John Choi, CEO
Organizations face immense challenges in protecting their proprietary design in today’s digitally connected era. With the burgeoning competition from the Asian market, a software solution that provides end-to-end encryption is incumbent. Riding on his four-decade long experience in artificial intelligence and an extensive history of working with major government projects, John Choi laid the cornerstone of MarkAny, a Seoul-based company that caters to this unique challenge with its array of Dassault Systèmes solutions encompassing cutting-edge 3D CAD security software. “We provide security and safety solutions to organizations that need to protect their proprietary design,” says John Choi, President and CEO, MarkAny. Korea’s pioneer in data security solution, MarkAny was founded with an aim to prevent breaches in the nation’s critical data and secure use of digital content with its innovative screenshot prevention, anti-forgery solutions, and data and media copyright protection.

Since most of MarkAny’s clients are either from the government sector or large enterprises that have high priority information to protect, the firm provides granular control over their security departments. From screenshot protection to access control, document protection to encryption, MarkAny’s solutions cover all aspects. The kernel-based encryption ensures access control DRM for 3D CAD data along with full control over data export to enhance the security of 3D design. Moreover, the solutions seamlessly integrate with legacy systems and the user is equipped with a unified dashboard that allows the administrator to track data movement, policies, and history easily.

The firm achieves system integration with the help of a dedicated pool of engineers, stationed at their clients’ premises, supervising the entire process that includes month-long testing and maintenance. Additionally, these engineers also cater to the interim troubleshooting requirements. However, towards the end of this year, MarkAny is going to launch its kernel- and 3D CAD-based implementation process that aims to streamline the entire journey and reduce overhead costs.

In an attempt to elucidate further on the solutions portfolio, Choi cites a customer success story, wherein Hyundai wanted to secure all the documents pertaining to its ship design CAD drawings, generated on the business systems as well as personal computers.

We provide security and safety solutions to organizations that need to protect their proprietary design

After implementing MarkAny’s Document SAFER, an optimal solution backed by DRM technology to protect classified internal data and sensitive documents in organizations, Hyundai was not only able to encrypt its document but also raise the safety awareness among its employees as well as partners. This, however, is one of the many examples manifesting the prowess of MarkAny’s team that brings more than a decade of expertise and market insights into the realm of data security.

In an attempt to strengthen its portfolio of solutions, MarkAny is currently invested in building new 3D CAD-based solutions that are compatible with the CAD system updates. In addition, the firm is broadening its horizon by moving out of its traditional scope of work. MarkAny is delving into the territories of blockchain and artificial intelligence by undertaking and handling multiple government projects. In one of the projects, MarkAny is assisting the Korean government to devise a media platform that allows content creators to track the content movement, thereby enhancing resilience as well as security. Along the same lines, the firm is also assisting a local Korean government to set up smart cameras that capture employee identity and thus, eliminate the need for tagging in the long run. That’s not all. MarkAny is helping the government to fabricate an AI-based system that identifies malicious behaviors and alerts the authorities almost instantly. All the aforementioned endeavors are a testimony to MarkAny’s dexterity in data security and its innate ability to push the envelope.

Going forward, MarkAny’s focus would be on the latest technology trends encircling AI and blockchain with an underscoring philosophy of securing the critical and sensitive proprietary designs of its customers.


Seoul, South Korea

John Choi, CEO

MarkAny is the world-class leader in DRM and watermarking technology, with more than 250 patents both in Korea and around the world