Marketing G2: Managing the Processes of Engaging and Retaining Subscribers

Patrick Glennon, President & Founder
G2 was the designation given to the intelligence unit of the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I that met the tactical and operational needs. Patrick Glennon, President and Founder, Marketing G2, wants to create the similar type of operational intelligence group to gather 'field intelligence' in subscriber-based businesses. “In the age of digitalization, as the product portfolio gets complex, there is a heightened need for face-to-face interaction at the point of sale, and CIOs are looking for more efficiency and security from their respective sales operations,” says Glennon. Marketing G2 develops data-driven technology and management tools that address these new age challenges by enabling organizations to utilize all of their data, technology, and content assets to engage customers and prospects.

Headquartered in Spring House, Pennsylvania, Marketing G2’s (MG2) field sales management tool, Mobile Concierge, enables field service representatives to effectively vet new subscribers through address and subscription validations. It also ensures payment verifications in real-time, as well as accelerate the fulfillment process—transforming the way field sales and service organizations operate. The company leverages HTML5 technology to deliver their Mobile Concierge application, that enables field service representatives to quickly and easily access the company’s solution while utilizing any web-enabled device with a real-time connection to the data they need. As the solution is web based, it can be rolled out across an enterprise’s field operation without pain. Further, the cloud implementation help leverage the speed of server-side Web APIs to tap into large datasets and handle complex processing while still delivering a fast, simple-to-use mobile application experience.

The key advantage MG2 brings to the table is a combination of real-time, direct integration to the clients’ back-office systems and a friendly application designed around the needs of the mobile field force. This combination greatly improves time management in both the field and office, ensuring entitlement and faster payment collection. The real-time credit card authorization improves the quality of the sale and significantly reduces unfunded distribution expenses.
The Mobile Concierge tool takes the knowledge gleaned from MG2’s data discovery tool, G2 Discovery, and makes it available at the street level for location-based offer presentation to enhance their clients’ ability to do pinpoint targeting. In addition, it is a two-way street, as the data captured in the field goes back into the Open Intelligence database to improve acquisition and retention efforts.

Open Intelligence uses open-standards architecture to facilitate the addition of new solutions to give clients flexibility and scalability for all of their customer transactions. For instance, for a client, the initial market rollout of Mobile Concierge resulted in enhanced quality new subscriptions. Upgrades from the field began hitting in minutes versus days, which increased revenue and reduced back office expenses. Once operational, the client’s field sales volume increased year over year and their cost per order dropped 20 percent, with an increase in revenue per order. More importantly, this business change affected new order retention rates, which increased 20 percentage points while their subscription bad debt dropped between 20-30 percent.

MG2 has helped subscription-based businesses in creating seemingly unlimited digital products with their content providing new means to package, price, and bill new and recurring customers. “This arms our clients’ field service reps with a remarkably varied product portfolio and creative new offer options for both current and potential customers. We are constantly enhancing our comprehensive solution set to enable subscription-based businesses to successfully meet ever-growing consumer demands for the future,” concludes Glennon.

Mobile Concierge tool enables the field representative with the ability to provide a highly targeted offer to a pre-disposed customer

Marketing G2

Spring House, PA

Patrick Glennon, President & Founder

Mobile Concierge is a key component to a comprehensive engagement platform that encompasses e-Commerce solutions, customer billing and revenue recapture, customer self-service portal, customer identity and entitlements, and campaign management and analytics.