MARKETLIVE: Creating Breakthrough eCommerce Solutions

CIO Vendor Petaluma based MarketLive is focused on serving high growth, specialty retailers and manufacturers. Their complete, end-to-end, omni-channel Commerce Solution is designed to provide features, functionality and expertise that enables merchants to provide the best possible experience for their clients at every interaction. In addition to their full-featured technology platform, MarketLive also offers a full suite of services including implementation, integration and full strategy services.

Having been in business for 18 years MarketLive understands the world of the digital retailer. The company does not merely provide technology and expect merchants to adapt to it. They provide state of the art technology that is designed to flexibly meet the specific business rules, processes and brand needs of each merchant. Their Strategy Services include data and analytics reviews with eCommerce experts who can explain the metrics and how to practically implement actions for optimization and improved merchandising results and conversions. MarketLive builds a strong partnership with clients and is constantly helping them optimize and improve results.
MarketLive has traction in several verticals including apparel, health and beauty, home and design, sporting goods and manufacturing. Their solutions are pre-packaged and tailored to the verticals that they cater to. "Our application ensures our brands are differentiated allowing them to stand out and rise above the noise. With features like intelligent imaging, faceted navigation, mobile, customer care and order management and integrated content management, we make it possible for brands in these verticals to show their products in differentiated ways, which results in high revenue growth," says Mark Pierce, CEO, MarkeyWire.

Founded in 1995, MarketLive's Business Driven Architecture is a game-changing approach to eCommerce technology. By integrating tools for developers, merchants and business analysts in one interface, MarketLive breaks down the walls between departments, ensuring the development and implementation process integrates work from all departments in a business outcome focused project.
MarketLive powers many successful retail eCommerce sites, including Armani, Party City, Perricone MD, Sport Chalet, Sundance, Helzberg, Johnson & Johnson, Title Nine, Intermix and others.

In the future, MarketLive plans to deliver ever more insightful and powerful tools, as we evolve from omni-channel commerce to true insightful commerce. We will do this by combining expertise with powerful integrated data from all online and offline channels, to create customer knowledge that drives better decisions. MarketLive's powerful insightful commerce platform will tie together the best in technology, pervasive business rules, data and analytics, to enable merchant level features that in turn automate a wide and flexible range of commerce actions and strategies. The end result will be a fundamentally different kind of experience for customers, at every single interaction with the brand, which will lead to higher conversions and growth.


Petaluma based MarketLive is focused on serving high growth, specialty retailers and manufacturers.