MARS IT: Delivering High end IT staffing needs to the Customers

Rashi Arora Khosla, President
Whether it’s an ERP, CRM or RDBMS domain, profusion of their Oracle products available in the market landscape, are engendering diverse range of challenges, exasperating the leaders of today.

Oracle products offered by certified implementation partners and Oracle consulting firms are generally subjected with steep price, which is not in the congruence with the skill they proffer. Another prominent challenge that also results in shortage of skill sets for Oracle is around the transition of competing products such as a shift in ERP market from PeopleSoft to WorkDay, and Oracle RDBMS to SQL Server 2005, where procuring the WorkDay resources is an arduous task for many firm in the vicinity. The business world needs specialized staffing firms for Oracle resources from the open market that are outside the web of implementation partners and Oracle consulting, to fulfill the voids created by the aforementioned challenges. Thriving in this vertical is MARS IT, a Wauwatosa, WI based staffing company that is using its eminent expertise in recruitment process to deliver optimal business value for its customers.

Taking the Oracle Consulting to the Grass Root Level

The staffing solutions of the MARS IT rely on their unique and innovative approach to work with the “people” piece of IT environment. Using their superlative amenity, these solutions enable customers to define and forecast the need of their resources and talent pool. The unique features and idealities that have made MARS IT what it is today were incepted and formed by the laudable management and the workforce of the company. “We document goals, current resource pool and the gaps that we are engaged to fill. Our focus is always a long term robust staffing solution over a quick win.
This requires a partnership based approach - that’s not always intuitive or conventional since our clients and employees are wired to think of staffing as a commodity or transaction based,” explains Rashi Arora Khosla, President of the company.

At MARS IT, business starts with the vision and people are the biggest asset that empowers the core of their staffing business

When it comes to empower oneself to take competitive edge from other entrants, MARS IT stems its strength from the fact that they take solution based approach to meet the high end IT staffing needs of their customers. From this approach, this staffing firm has managed successfully to enable its resources to surpass the technical and functional expertise of the ‘high end – high cost’ contractors by leveraging their deep knowledge of customer’s overall IT landscape, standards and practices.

At MARS IT, business starts with the vision and people are the biggest asset that empowers the core of their staffing business. The people here are counted as a driving force behind the various accolades the company has won including three times winner of the future 50. Even in the recessionary years, the company and its team has revenue growth in every consecutive year. In the coming future, the MARS IT is looking forward to leverage their strategic partnerships to become a strong player in the national scene.


Wauwatosa, WI

Rashi Arora Khosla, President

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