Massive Networks: Ethernet-Based Robust Security Infrastructure

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Paul Mako, CEO
While a multitude of options inundates the technology world, most organizations struggle to strike the right balance between an agile and a secure IT infrastructure solution. As most service providers operating in this arena do not architect the solutions that they offer, there remains an immense knowledge gap between them and the organizations. In this scenario, Massive Network comes into the picture, putting an end to this disparity. Not only does this Colorado-based company equip organizations with turnkey IT Infrastructure Solutions but they also educate them about the nitty-gritty of the product suite.

Presently, Massive Network is all set to create an ecosystem of Cloud Solutions Providers, data center providers, and their in-house data centers, all of them connected to a global Carrier Ethernet Solution. This befits their vision of constructing an optimized network that brings Ethernet and Internet under the same roof. “We are creating a private network between customers’ sites connecting all their internal sites and systems with the global SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and Cloud technologies that they need for their organizations,” says Paul Mako, CEO, and CTO, Massive Networks.

Taking center stage, Massive Networks’ One-Pipe Multi-Connect Solution optimizes a Carrier Ethernet-Enabled Connection to deliver multiple, independent and dynamic network streams of data, ensuring that the security of the network is never compromised. This unique solution encompasses site-to-site connectivity, premium-blended bandwidth services, as well as direct connects to data centers and other SaaS solutions. The One-Pipe Solution provides organizations with a private network, best in class bandwidth as well as protecting the crucial information stored in the enterprises systems. It can prove extremely advantageous for hospitals, schools, and other related institutions to fend off security breaches. The unique Ethernet-based solutions reduce overhead cost, enhances operational efficacy, and simplifies production intricacies. “We provide all of these services in one connection or a pair of redundant connections allowing our clients to access different solutions through one pipe,” adds Mako.

As Massive Networks constructs private networks engineered to their clients’ needs in a robust security framework, it allows the best in IOT while keeping all the rest private.

We provide all of these services in one connection or a pair of redundant connections. This allows our clients to access different solutions through one pipe in a flexible and dynamic method

“Although security can always be breached, with our solutions, it limited to an inside job,” Mako observes. This shines a light on Massive Networks’ extensive expertise in designing solutions that meet the security parameters of its clients. While the majority of the trendsetter technologies are in nascent phase, Massive Networks is poised for rapid growth with mature Carrier Ethernet, and SD-Wan solutions.

Finding relevance in a wide range of industries, Massive Networks’ solutions are perfect for healthcare as well as pharmaceutical organizations struggling to align with HIPAA compliance and other regulations. The Ethernet-based private network that the firm has built is also gaining traction among various non-governmental organizations working for the underprivileged. Such organizations often demand secure network for their operations, and therefore Massive Networks’ product-suite emerges as the perfect fit. Additionally, the solution equips them with virtual servers in the cloud, appearing as part of their network.

Venturing ahead, Massive Networks envisions strengthening its strategic collaborations in years to come. The next big step for the firm is to expand its solutions base to accommodate lawyers, accountants, and several other professional fields, that are becoming more and more dependent on cloud solutions. “Massive Networks’ primary goal is to enhance its brand and reputation by building strong partnerships and custom engineering private network solutions into SaaS and the Cloud for its clients,” Mako concludes.

Massive Networks

Louisville, Colorado

Paul Mako, CEO

Massive Networks specializes in Premium-Blended Internet and layer 2 Private Line Transport connections from office-to-office, data centers, and cloud applications for your hard to reach facilities. They offer a One pipe Multi-Connect Solution