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John Kariotis, VP & GM, Customer Experience
Enterprises are adopting data-first strategies to enhance the customer experience to gain a competitive advantage. While data extraction and analysis tools have proven their utility, the insights generated are only sometimes actionable. There is a need to orchestrate enterprise data with ontology-based graph solutions.

This is what Mastech InfoTrellis is adept at.

With an acute focus on customer experience and data science, the Oracle partner works closely with its clients to architect enterprise intelligence with their CX, Data Management, Data Science and Cloud capabilities.

“We are a consulting organization that provides our clients with customer experience, data, and analytics solutions. We empower the go-to-market strategy around customer experience, helping enterprises along their journey of marketing, sales, and customer service,” says John Kariotis, VP & GM of Customer Experience at Mastech InfoTrellis (MIT).

Following a data-first philosophy, MIT helps its clients build the overall data fabric necessary to facilitate a positive customer experience. They integrate data across various enterprise sources for clients with their data engineering and data management practices. The data science practice then comes into play to create innovative solutions around Knowledge Graph technology and ontologies to provide actionable insights for organizations.

MIT has been recognized as Oracle’s global partner of the year for CX solutions. Over the years, it has also earned its reputation as North America’s partner of the year three times. They continue to be an instrumental part of the Oracle partner network, which they joined in 2010 continuously add value in different areas.

Mastech Infotrellis helps its clients realize the value of monetizing their customer data.

In addition to putting data in motion from back-office applications or aggregating it from digital properties, they focus on gaining the ability to recognize the value in terms of cross-selling and up-selling based on personalized strategies by leveraging Oracle technologies. MIT takes a broader look at how data is siloed to understand how that data is correlated from a connected business intelligence perspective.The approach helps organizations figure out how the enterprise can execute capabilities through both Oracle and non-Oracle applications they are working with.
As enterprises struggle to generate ROI from their technology implementations, Mastech Infotrellis helps them leverage the Oracle Fusion platform to eliminate their technical debt. Oracle’s platform consolidates the capabilities inherent in different applications and migrates them to one solution. MIT assesses enterprises’ marketing technologies and overall customer experience applications, recognizing the duplication of functionality they may have throughout their organization. They then migrate and eliminate much of that technical debt by consolidating capabilities with the likes of the Oracle Fusion platform.

Mastech Infotrellis works with the complete suite of CX products that Oracle has. In addition to looking at the quality of the data, they takes care of the orchestration of campaigns, the facilitation of next best offers and actions and how that would influence the overall marketing funnel.

We empower the go-to-market strategy around customer experience, helping enterprises throughout their marketing, sales and customer service journey

One of the numerous examples of how MIT has helped enterprises is of a manufacturing organization looking to increase its after-sales support. They had fragmented applications and were using email, Excel, and over a dozen ERP applications to execute different components of their after-sales support pursuits. Mastech Infotrellis helped them aggregate data from their ERP applications to identify ways in which they could deliver post-sale support services. It was accomplished by integrating over a dozen different sources into one platform on Oracle Fusion Customer Data Management.

Mastech Infotrellis continues to follow a Customer Center of Excellence model for their clients, focusing specifically on the outcomes and looking to drive them against clients' KPIs. Navigating the pieces of modifications or implementations of different Oracle technologies, MIT plans to keep following an inside-out approach with the combination of its implementation competencies of the Oracle products and its data science competencies.

Mastech InfoTrellis

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John Kariotis, VP & GM, Customer Experience

An Oracle partner helping enterprises achieve their business objectives by leveraging the power of data to derive deep, analytical insights about their business and operations.

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