MasterBase: 1:1 Personalization for Email Marketing

MasterBase, a trailblazer in digital marketing, envisioned the concept of using emails for marketing in 2002 when market segmentation was still in its infancy and reaching out to customers through direct communication channels was uncommon. Choosing a path less taken, the company crafted a “1:1 personalization” strategy to deliver only relevant content solely based on a user’s behavior, as opposed to bulk promotional emails. “Innovation and personalization to create campaigns based on individual user behavior continue to be our focus,” says Alvaro Pesce, CEO of MasterBase. The result was a multi-language platform, a leader in Latin America, with presence in Europe and the US.

“From day one we were clear that the best way to build relevance for customers is to work with a real 1:1 personalization, powered by behavior data,” remarks Pesce. He further adds, “We focus on going beyond the data that people indicate as things that they like, to the data extracted from what people do. That really shows what is relevant for them. In the end, the key is what people actually do, and not what they say they do or like.”

MasterBase platform is built on three foundational concepts; Gather, Manage, and Engage. These enable companies to build fruitful engagements with consumers in real time.

The platform helps companies gather all the data created by their clients from the CRM, an internal system database or the customer´s purchasing behavior or browsing on the web.

Once the data is gathered, the platform manages the data by processing it to build individual profiles based on clients’ personal information and behavior. This provides an x-ray of the individual and the behavior that is behind each person.

And finally engage customers. “There is no need to use complex rules or decision-making trees. Your quality communications are prepared according to results and will arrive on time to all the designated recipients.
This is the true relevance, which translates into more conversions and increased sales,” mentions Pesce.

Innovation and personalization to create relevant communications based on individual user behavior, in order to improve ROI

The platform has been instrumental in boosting KPIs to the tune of 3x or 4x for several clients. Among them was an e-commerce firm, whose platform sent out several emails to clients for lead generation and to increase purchase frequency and recency. When MasterBase was brought onboard, the campaigns started to use the behavior of the people on the client’s website, to accomplish the true 1:1 personalization strategy. As a result, they increased conversion by 273 percent, which was a remarkable improvement in a very short period of time.

Going forward, MasterBase is using and building machine learning to improve the relevance of communications for clients. The company has also stepped up its focus on content and direct communication modes such as mobile push notifications to enhance personalization.

“Without a doubt, the success factor has been and will be to Gather as much information as possible, Manage it, and Engage with the users through relevant content, time and channel. This has led us to a steady growth, which we will continue to pursue with more innovations coming in the following months and some possible acquisitions that we are considering,” concludes Pesce.


Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Spain and the US

Alvaro Pesce, CEO

Achieve true 1 to 1 personalization through relevant communication