Matan Solutions: From Project to Multi Project And Program Management

Alon Segall, CEO
The project management landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. Enterprise are now becoming global with operation and development in different countries, all working together on a multi-disciplinary projects to bring new and advanced products into the market.

Taping into this market and with vast knowledge in Project and Program Management (PPM) combined with their top of the line solutions, Matan has demonstrated its ability in helping organizations to manage their global and large scale projects, focusing in managing the integration between both the internal and external projects.

Augmenting the functionalities of Microsoft PPM, Matan has developed a line of add-on tools—MasterLink, Project Bulk Editor, Health Check, and Critical Chain to enhance project management, provide more insights to the projects and most important minimize the risks. MasterLink, Matan's most advanced add-on, enables companies to successfully manage complex and scalable projects.

“MasterLink provides the right tools to control the integration among different projects, enhance collaboration, and deal with the risks of the overall program,” says Segall.

MasterLink’s key value proposition includes easy and intelligent control of integrative projects by monitoring links and performing inter-project integration in realtime. It provides an online view of changes and alerts when there is a miss-match between connected projects. The unique work-package links supported by the MasterLink enables better collaboration between project managers and PMOs and quickly identify gaps and risks which allow to take immediate action. “Masterlink can bring out collaboration even with external projects plan managed by sub-contractors,” extols Alon Segall.

Matan's MasterLink enables numerous customers to utilize MS Project server while managing large projects and programs. One of them is Shire, a biopharmaceutical company. Shire's projects are extensive and includes the different facets of drug development. Matan’s MasterLink, helps Shire manage the complexity and integration of projects. The solution seamlessly manages the cross-project dependencies and provides the project managers a lucid way to analyze their project plan while managing the integration between the different projects.
Another company who took advantage of MasterLink is Qualcomm a leading global semiconductor company. The company has 157 worldwide locations. Nelson Diaz Senior Manager at Qualcomm, presented how they succeed in running Qualcomm's complex programs at the last Microsoft Project Conference. Part of their success is using Microsoft Project alongside with MasterLink. “….MasterLink allows us to quickly create the dependencies between these projects and to actively manage them, saving us a great deal of time compared to the out of the box functionality MS Project Server. To make MasterLink even more appealing, Matan has made the GUI incredibly intuitive and we have had success training our PMs in 30 minute sessions.”Nelson Diaz

MasterLink provides the right tools to control the integration among different projects

Matan constantly incorporate the latest technologies into their development. Segall asserts, “The cloud has been a leading technology trend for the last three years, and I am sure it will stay for few more years to come.” Embracing the latest technologies, the company development team is focusing on bringing the functionality to manage the integration required in multi-project management also to the cloud.

Working closely with a broad clientele mainly in the Pharmaceutical, High tech, defense and government, Matan has successfully blended PPM knowledge with business understanding. The company is consistently exchanging ideas between Matan’s Lab and other PPM partners worldwide, in order to bring new capabilities and solutions. Segall, delving into the future plans, explains that Matan will release new apps for online project, starting with MasterLink for encouraging new program management proficiencies to cloud PPM users. Additionally, the company expanded with offices in South America and the U.S to better serve their growing markets.

Matan Solutions

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Alon Segall, CEO and Irit Kiselstein, Partner, PPM Practice

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