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CIO VendorDeepak Singh Gehlot, CEO and Managing Director
GIS as an industry has evolved to become a vital part of today’s businesses. Whether it’s navigating between two points, or performing complex spatial geoprocessing, the need for GIS tools that can be used by a wider workforce, rather than just the GIS department, has increased rapidly. However, dynamic distribution of data is still an issue for the GIS industry. “Both challenge and opportunity lies in translating the software tools to a simplified version from a user point of view, while continuing to gain momentum in sophistication and complexity of analysis or processing,” begins Deepak Singh Gehlot, CEO and Managing Director, Matellio. Headquartered in Boca Ranton, FL, Matellio builds customized GIS tools that can be used over the web or on mobile devices, bringing sophistication and ease of use for enterprises.

Matellio’s web and mobile based emergency reporting tool, Incident Reporter, helps organizations collect, organize, and analyze information in case of any emergency from a variety of sources. The tool assists emergency managers to prioritize and document each reported incident while giving them the ability to dynamically add relevant GIS shapefile data to the application for better analysis of the situation. Incident Reporter creates a system that would take any ESRI shapefile and convert it into a database instantly. With the help of this tool, database companies can overlay information on top of Google Maps using its API. “Incident Reporter helps managers to share appropriate layers of GIS data over a simple web application that is accessible to everyone,” states Gehlot.

Property Information Report, another web based ArcGIS Server application of Matellio helps organization to distribute GIS data over the web. The system is directly tied into the public works and GIS department infrastructure. The tool allows organizations to search for any parcel in a city and find available information. This information ranges from finding out if the parcel is in a residential or commercial zone.

We spend significant resources to keep ourselves apprised of all the ongoing innovation in the GIS sector

The company has dedicated web and mobile development divisions, giving it an edge in delivering a full solution that compliments the core GIS functionality of organizations as well as end-users. “We spend significant resources to keep ourselves apprised of all the ongoing innovation in the GIS sector, be it a new tool set for creating mapping web apps or database structure for improved efficiency,” he adds.

Matellio works on a wide array of GIS projects ranging from ones that focus on data collection and visualization to smart location aware applications that track vehicles. The company has an extensive list of clientele that includes Fortune 500 to small businesses and non-profit agencies. For instance, a state agency was trying to understand the available resources and preparedness level in a certain geographic region. They wanted to understand and geographically locate critical resources with the ultimate goal of evenly distributing the same across the region, while figuring out gaps in preparedness. Taking hold of the situation, Matellio built a custom application designed to effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from disaster. The application served as an aggregator and directory for all the information through which stakeholders could accept data from a wide variety of sources.

Moving forward, Matellio plans to innovate its product line by launching new GIS focused products. This includes radical steps towards pulling data visualization while taking a giant leap forward for online data analysis as well. “We are also aiming to increase our presence in a number of U.S. states as well as enter the Western European market as part of expansion,” concludes Gehlot.


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Deepak Singh Gehlot, CEO and Managing Director

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