Mathe: Enabling BYOD by Eliminating Security Risks

The concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a reality that businesses must deal with today, along with the increasingly security challenges that it brings. “As BYOD grows more prevalent, managing devices and protecting valuable business data has become a priority for enterprises large and small,” states Mark Hicks, President, Mathe. “As shown by industry surveys, many enterprises that leverage BYOD agree they need to increase their focus on security and data protection.” With more than two decades of experience in the IT industry, Mathe builds secure and resilient networks that make the complex, mixed IT environment function seamlessly and strike a balance between mobility and security, focused mainly on bringing enterprise-grade technology and services to small and medium businesses (SMBs). “We not only make the data accessible but also protect it given that the data security has always been one of the foremost and critical elements in the networks we provide to our clients,” affirms Hicks.

From secure texting to email security and end-point mobility management, Mathe offers a variety of services around BYOD that complement their client networks. “We leverage technology solutions such as cloud, mobility, and virtualization to help organizations achieve their business goals as well as mitigate the evolving security risks,” explains Hicks. The company empowers end-users by enabling them to work anytime, anywhere, and through a ny d evice. A dditionally, Mathe focuses on delivering security, business continuity, and business impact analysis, while ensuring that the organizations have in place the best technologies and robust continuity plans.

Further, the company helps SMBs thwart security risks by striking a balance between regulatory compliance and end-user experience. “Our approach has always been to aid our clients in understanding their regulatory responsibilities and the need to educate their employees about technology as well as the need for strict compliance,” explains Hicks. Mathe specializes in offering private cloud services to keep their customers’ IT environment safe and also monitors, manages, and maintains the same to ensure a secured implementation of BYOD strategy.

Since its inception, Mathe has developed long-standing relationships with its primary customers, which are mostly in the healthcare and finance sectors.

We leverage technology solutions such as cloud, mobility and virtualization to help organizations achieve their business goals and mitigate the evolving security risks

The firm has enabled their clients to grow their business while managing their IT expenses, such as assisting a healthcare provider to double the number of its users through private cloud, leveraging BYOD. “Our platform enabled them to switch their electronic medical record system to a private cloud and allowed all of the healthcare users to access the platform from different sites with devices of their choice— smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop,” explains Hicks. “We made sure that their platform employed security and defined their end-user computing security policies.”

Mathe has enabled a wealth management firm to reduce the time invested in training new users and connect with a number of back-end providers, portfolio management, and CRM systems without any issues and real ramp up as it grows through acquisitions.

Alongside its expertise in helping clients readily deploy private cloud and BYOD policies; Mathe aims to foster growth and profitability by providing cost-effective solutions. “We are proactive in assisting our customers when they need any additional resources—applications, servers, and space—to grow and expand,” says Hicks.

With its central focus on their client’s success, Mathe expects to forge forward by continuing to keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape and leveraging their partnerships. “Our focus is always going to be the business-wise use of technology, which in turn helps the clients to compete, grow, and become more efficient,” concludes Hicks.


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Mark Hicks, President

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