Matica Technologies: The Card Issuance Pioneer

Sandro Camilleri, CEO
Sandro Camilleri, the CEO of Matica Technologies Group, with over twenty years of extensive knowledge of the Secure ID and Payment industry, has a keen eye for financial market dynamics. He observes that there is a trend to compare the use of debit and credit cards in relation to the newcomer: ‘mobile payment,’ as though cards are likely to go out of fashion. “Cards are here to stay,” he says. Citing the recent studies, Camilleri builds the relevant case as well, “Between 2015 and end of the current year it is estimated that 50 billion cards will be produced for the global financial industry— this includes 22 billion EMV cards.” To facilitate such a boom in payment cards, Camilleri is steering Matica to offer a vast range of solutions, from centralized issuance systems and mailers to desktop ID card printers, for Secure ID and Payment applications such as credit and debit cards, pre-payment cards, and more.

Matica has a strong presence in the finance market. The company offers, in addition to the high volume central issuance systems, a comprehensive product portfolio for Financial Instant Issuance (FII), including all personalization technologies: color and monochrome direct-to-card and retransfer printing, high-quality laser engraving, embossing/indenting with tipping/ infiller, and integrates all encoding technologies such as magnetic stripe, EMV contact and contactless cards and dual interface cards.

Matica’s reputed S7000 platform acts a complete solution for card personalization and fulfillment applications. The “a la carte” central issuance system can be configured to match customer’s needs perfectly, while at the same time easily supporting an unlimited number of configurations that the project may require in the future for additional performance and functionalities. The S6200 is a pre-configured central issuance system based on S7000 modules for mid-volume card issuance programs and can be upgraded into a S7000 for additional modules and capability of delivering production volumes of 1,200 cards per hour and beyond.

In the Instant Issuance Family of the product, the company’s Matica’s S3000 Series takes the central stage.

Matica is reshaping the global EMV market by offering game-changing technologies

It is the prepackaged desktop systems that provide banks the opportunity to personalize payment cards in real-time at the branch level and to deliver immediately into consumers’ hands. The S3100 is an advanced desktop direct-to-card printer for financial flat card issuance which creates exceptional support for any financial department needing to produce high-performance debit cards for new and retained customers. The S3200 is equipped with Mastercard and Visa compliant components for the onsite issuance—enabling banks to offer personalized payment cards. The S3500 uniquely combine direct-to-card color printing plus embossing and tipping and allow issuing 7 different types of cards without needing to restock—delivering convenience and a high level of autonomy. All products belonging to the S3000 Instant Issuance Series include ‘Matica Security Pack’ for financial issuance, a comprehensive set of security features aimed at fulfilling in-branch Visa and Mastercard security guidelines.

Matica is reshaping the global EMV market by offering game-changing technologies. Their client base including a major credit union in the U.S. with more than 150 units of S3200, a bank in Kuwait with over 90 units of S3500, and a National Bank in South Korea with 50 units of S3400 to name a few.

The Munich, Germany-based firm plans to keep developing cutting-edge technology products for central and instant issuance, but also to add new technologies to their product portfolio to support new cards with embedded intelligence like display cards for OTP, biometrics sensors for a two-factor authentication and metal cards for VIP banking applications, as well as to include additional visual security features on payment cards.

Matica Technologies

Piedmont, SC

Sandro Camilleri, CEO and Veraje Anjargolian, COO

Offers a comprehensive hardware and software product portfolio, from centralized systems and mailers to ID printers, laser desktop systems, and instant issuance solutions for all financial institutions

Matica Technologies