Matrix Solutions: Facilitating Streamlined Sales Processes

Mark Gorman, CEO
Sales processes for any business enterprise play a critical role in facilitating the entry of data into a company’s workflow. It’s important to understand the data can be from a variety of sources, i.e., proposals and orders to client interactions, notes and activity. Sales teams especially in media organizations have to transact with varied clientele and different technologies, subsequently bringing in large amounts of data. This drives the organizations to maintain the consistency of available data, which serves as a basis for consultative selling. Pittsburgh, PA-based Matrix Solutions provides a web-based, media-specific platform that helps sales teams in all media; broadcast, radio, and digital advertising businesses manage their accounts and sales processes. “Matrix Solutions has been leading the way in delivering media-specific CRM and Sales Intelligence systems since 1992,” says Mark Gorman, CEO, Matrix Solutions.

The company’s Matrix platform aggregates the data captured from the multiple entry points, further leveraging its sales enablement capabilities by sending alert notifications of vital information to appropriate sales professionals.

With an aim to convert chaotic data into sources of revenue, the company’s platform, Matrix, is at the center of the sales ecosystem. The solution gathers data from the multiple systems and creates one reliable, accurate, and worthwhile source of information. The solution also empowers the top-level executives, to gain real-time visibility into the sales environment and provides insights and customer analytics to the sales organization. Further, the cloud nativity of the solution merits its users with anytime, anywhere access to their data on any device. This allows the sales professionals to have a streamlined sales process while the proactive alert notifications option in the solution plays the role of virtual sales assistant.

Matrix continues to add more enhancements in its solution that are in tandem with today’s technological advancements. The examination of customers’ response and interaction provides the Matrix team a complete idea of tools, workflows, and processes utilized by their clients.

Matrix Solutions has been leading the way in delivering media-specific CRM and Sales Intelligence systems since 1992

The company further prioritizes the received ideas according to their potential for short and long-term value to the end user.

The due deliberations in the platform’s enhancements and the focus on providing perfectly tailored solutions have enabled the company to contribute to clients’ business success stories. One media organization that provides audio and video traffic solutions, serves over 2,000 television and radio stations and analyzes real-time data from more than a hundred sources, approached Matrix. The customer needed a product that would aptly provide solutions for account management, drive insights to create sales opportunities, and organize their data. By implementing the Matrix platform the customer’s sales team was able to derive holistic insights into their accounts and new opportunities for revenue generation. The customer’s sales team discovered an opportunity worth $1,000 per month, which transcended into additional revenue of $120,000 in the first year. As a result, the media organization is currently focusing its efforts toward maximizing existing resources by identifying hidden opportunities in advertising sales.

“Matrix anchors its efforts on advertising workflows, industry specific integrations that streamline processes and create efficiencies,” says Gorman. Today, Matrix empowers over 8,000 users in North America with its media specific CRM and Sales Intelligence tool. Matrix is leveraging its expertise in ameliorating the sales process in the markets beyond the broadcast sector. “For the future, we plan to roll out multiple product lines that take the same, trusted Matrix platform to specific media verticals,” concludes Gorman.

Matrix Solutions

Pittsburgh, PA

Mark Gorman, CEO and Brenda Hetrick, Chief Revenue Officer, BJ Boyle, Chief Strategy &Development Officer

Web-based media-specific platform that provides sales enablement to sales organizations, their projects and accounts across all media advertising businesses

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