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Neely Loring, President & Founder
In a short span of time, Cloud has become an essential, perhaps even the most fundamental part of an enterprise’s IT strategy. It has helped loosen a huge portion of IT from the constraints of legacy software, the hardware licensing data center models, which has opened, revolutionized and to an extent democratized the way IT delivers services and the way users access information, applications and business services. However, with the ever-escalating impact the cloud has on IT, there is also confusion about the ways its full value to business can be harnessed, mainly because of the continuous and rapid development of the cloud and its related technologies and the growing flux of vendors using portentous hyperbolic marketing speak to sell their cloud solutions. Headquartered in Columbia, SC Matrix—has been providing effective, cost-friendly IT support and services to growing businesses. They offer innovative, mission-critical solutions that give firms better availability, improved efficiency and flexibility. “We are evolving with the Cloud and ensuring that our products are assisting the clients from the current perplexed market situation,” says Neely Loring, President, and Founder of Matrix IBS.

Matrix’s solutions allow organizations to be strategic with their IT while the company takes on all the tactical elements. For more than 17 years, Matrix has fine-tuned core competencies, best practices and a best-of-breed approach to support customers with a white glove level of service and attention. “The technology platforms are moving much faster than they have ever before and as a business grows the need of better IT resources is becoming a necessity,” explains Loring. “Long gone are the days when a person or a team could manage an IT system of an organization single handedly. Now firms have to be prepared with new products which progress hand in hand with technology.” Matrix’s services include fully outsourced IT, IaaS, DRaaS, DaaS, Help Desk and Mobile Device Management.

Loring elucidates, “We design, implement and support DataServe, a collection of hosted and remotely managed local and wide area computer network solutions. DataServe takes the onus of managing users, workstations, servers, connectivity and applications.” The company’s DataServe Application Hosting gives clients the imperative applications they need on a flexible, hosted model. “That means clients pay only for the capacity they need, as they need it-without any investment in servers, data centers or extra personnel,” adds Loring. “We help organizations achieve consistent IT upkeep and support that upgrades an organizations present base.”
The company also provides managed services to ensure a client’s IT infrastructure is running smoothly. They proactively manage IT to avoid surprise downtime and ensure the clients are always up-to-date with a perfect strategic IT plan. Matrix Assure managed services include 24x7 user helpdesk, desktop and device management, network management, IT security administration and project management. An example to portray the company’s far reaching solutions is how they assisted Metrolina Greenhouses—a wholesale plant and services firm. The client was looking at leveraging a unique IT upgrade to take them to the next level with the most efficient and secured backing, in spite of investing in the latest technology. Matrix provided a complete set of tools that made cloud a link in their infrastructure chain. Metrolina Greenhouses is now able to control their expenditure and view business activities anywhere anytime within a secured environment.

We design, implement and support Technology as a Service, a collection of hosted applications, white glove support for all users, mobile device support, and remotely managed local and wide area computer network solutions

Surging towards the future, Matrix aims to develop their products with the latest innovations, alongside building new offices at various locations, “We will continue to grow along with the market which is fast developing as there are clients who need benefaction to expand,” concludes Loring.


Columbia, SC

Neely Loring, President & Founder

Helping business information systems to be more reliable, secure and less expensive.