MatsSoft: Spearheading a Low-code BPM Revolution

Martin Scovell, CEO
Enterprises across the globe are seeking digital, automated solutions to solve their business problems that span customer support, operations, or compliance. Creating apps to solve these problems usually involve hiring coding experts. Unfortunately, qualified coders are short in supply, and the demand for their service continues to grow. This makes custom coding expensive, and businesses are often forced to wait for months at a time before they can have their systems created.

MatsSoft, led by Martin Scovell, CEO, is trying to address this problem.

MatsSoft's Low-code software platform, MATS allows companies to easily build enterprise-grade applications for their specific business. It’s an innovative “drag-and-drop” system that requires little to no coding and no advanced software expertise on the part of the user.

This helps companies deal with the lack of available coders, as well as address the need for businesses to deliver a better customer experience while maintaining efficiency. Essentially, businesses using MATS can meet the challenges of their industry without needing expensive and often unavailable heavyweight coding, and they can do so in a completely standardized way.

It’s important to note that MatsSoft is not trying to replace coding. "We recognize the fact that there is a lot of coding to do and too few coders to do it," says Scovell. By transferring the power of app creation to the real users, MATS also closes what Scovell calls as the 'Process Execution Gap'—a gap between people who know what they want to improve, and the programmers who can bring those improvements to life.

One of the key benefits of this approach is the reduced risk of failure. As the apps and systems can be designed quickly, affordably and efficiently, the actual cost of getting things wrong is quite trivial. According to Scovell, companies using MatSoft don’t have to spend hundreds of man hours or large sums of cash to create a system that may or may not work. Instead, users can create apps on a day-to-day basis.

Companies using MatSoft don’t have to spend hundreds of man hours or large sums of cash to create a system that may or may not work

Fundamentally, MatsSoft comes down to breaking down the process into various connected areas of functionality. This includes defining the process, building and automating the process, and a comprehensive digital communication suite. There is also real-time access to data, which can be used to provide configured dashboards. And all of this comes straight out of the box— removing the need for complex coding to integrate these systems into the business. MatsSoft has built process solutions for governments and large corporations.

One of the tools that MatsSoft is currently working on is a digital process design tool. This would allow professionals like business analysts to have a standardized way of doing requirements gathering. It will increase the chances of a successful solution and will help the user obtain data with greater consistency.

MatsSoft also has a unique service called the “MATS Innovation Lab,” which allows people to use the MATS technology to build rapid prototypes at very low cost and low risk, then test them, improve them and choose to launch them, or not. At the very least, users have gained valuable knowledge without wasting significant time and resources. They can then move on and build the next solution.

In the future, Scovell hopes to add an app store to the company’s portfolio. This app store would allow people to build solutions using MATS and, if they choose, offer the program to others. Also, Scovell envisions MATS to take hold in many places, including schools and colleges, so that students can learn how to build systems without coding, removing the barriers and releasing people’s talents.


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Martin Scovell, CEO

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