Mavenir Systems: Next Generation Mobile Services for Real Time Communications

The enterprise space has already made the transition from analog to digital to IP. The mobile space is in a similar technology transition, moving from switch network technologies of 1G to 4G LTE. Both the enterprise and mobile environments are now deploying the same kinds of IP technologies. “This is the bridge for Mitel and Mavenir,” begins Pardeep Kohli, President and CEO, Mavenir Systems. Elaborating on the combined expertise of the two firms in the aftermath of Mitel acquiring Mavenir, Kohli says, “The excitement stems from pairing Mitel’s enterprise portfolio including their cloud offering and their extensive channel partners with Mavenir’s 4G LTE virtualized software-based mobile infrastructure offering. This creates a powerful, comprehensive end to end solution from the mobile client (or telephone) all the way through to the mobile network.”

Real Time Communications requires a migration to a converged IP network to make it seamless and cost-effective. Mavenir and Mitel both have products that support mobility enterprise and IP convergence. Mavenir’s software-based Voice over LTE (VoLTE) / Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi), IMS-PBX, and RCS solutions target a rich user experience and service mobility for next generation IP communications services. Mitel’s proven enterprise solution, Telepo for service providers, is a pure software solution that enables flexible deployment and go-to-market options.

Service providers face greater challenges than ever before in terms of over-the-top competition, mobile data traffic explosion, and declining average revenue per user. With the combined capabilities, operators can address these challenges by enabling a broad suite of 4G LTE voice, video, rich communications, and data services—capitalizing on the growth of enterprise mobility. Mavenir’s highly modular, software-based convergence platform— mOne® enables mobile operators to deploy enhanced voice, video, and messaging services across any generation of mobile devices and broadband access networks.

Service parity with our VoLTE and VoWiFi offerings creates a seamless communication for end users with no loss in services

“There’s been a lot of excitement and activity around VoWiFi and we’ve helped operators like EE, 3UK, and T-Mobile USA to bring a VoWiFi
Pardeep Kohli, President & CEO
offering to their subscribers,” says Kohli. Mavenir and Mitel's combined expertise in innovation and communications serves more than 60 million business users in more than 100 countries and 130 service providers.

Mavenir’s solutions reinforce a variety of benefits which lead to a reduction in CapEx and OpEx. With the simplicity of deployment also factored in, it is a compelling proposition. The scaling profile is more elastic and “pools” resources—as opposed to the step function profile of many hardware-based solutions.

Kohli’s love for technology has instilled in him the passion to anticipate and learn about emerging technology trends and subsequently generate feasible solutions for the end user. Mavenir’s emphasis on creativity and new ideas enable customers to seamlessly bridge one technology to the next and maximize business continuity. “For example, we provide service parity with our VoLTE and VoWiFi offerings, creating a seamless communication for end users with no loss in services,” says Kohli.

According to Kohli, VoLTE is an inflection point where internet technology and telecommunications services come together to underpin a wide range of new operator services. Together Mavenir and Mitel will soon deliver a single vendor solution with credible pedigrees in mobile and enterprise markets, unlocking the door for the next wave of converged communications for things such as the IoT and M2M.

In terms of technology, Kohli says, Mobile Unified Communications is very much a key to advancement. “Virtualization and cloud has been and continues to be a critical piece as we move forward. It’s something that we’ve been working on since we announced our IMS-PBX platform. The acquisition by Mitel simply accelerates that strategy and fast tracks getting to market,” concludes Kohli.

Mavenir Systems

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Pardeep Kohli, President & CEO

Mavenir Systems provides software-based networking solutions that enable mobile service providers to deliver next generation services over 4G LTE networks