MAVOCO: M2M Connectivity Augmented with Voice

Helmut Lehner Co-Founder, CEO
Machine to machine technology is a common component of business communiqué today, mostly due to how much it has helped streamline connections in the enterprise landscape. Recent trends such as the Rise of IoT and the Cloud are encouraging devices to constantly relay information to the net; however, the lack of infrastructure and complexities around setting up proprietary M2M systems discourages many companies from taking advantage of this opportunity. This scenario will soon change according to Helmut Lehner, Co-Founder and CEO of MAVOCO, a company that specializes in delivering M2M solutions to enterprises looking to integrate M2M services into their value proposition. “Companies today are realizing that by leveraging M2M services, they can turn a single interaction during a sale into a lasting customer relationship with repeat business,” says Lehner.In the current market space, enterprises are struggling to build direct relationships with their customers because until today their products reach the market through partners and retailers. Firms like MAVOCO help their clients to create those customer relationships and expand the value of their products turning them into connected things.

MAVOCO’s service offerings include the M2M connectivity suite that offers adaptable tariff rates for different business models. Additionally, they offer customized SIM cards and SIM chips for devices in different formats that are also complemented with distribution, management, and billing services.The firm provides voice services based on its own developed technology that enables any device or application to become a voice telephony client. This innovation helps customers to optimize interactions though machines in many situations such as executing emergency calls or enriching fleet management applications.

MAVOCO offers a platform called the MAVOCO Management Cloud that gives the client access to over 500 mobile networks around the world from a single point.

MAVOCO’s suite of offerings benefits a multitude of clients in a variety of innovative ways.
One such client, a renowned manufacturer of alarm systems, was able to augment their offerings with MAVOCO’s M2M services.Their products were installed around the world and are currently distributed through local partners. “Our client now offers alarm systems that have become a smart hub for homes. The alarm system can now be used to control the air conditioning, heating, and other key systems installed in the house,” says Lehner. The secure connectivity gained by using MAVOCO’s solutions gave the client an opportunity to build relationships with end-users and boosted their potential for growth through service subscriptions.Furthermore, the solutions empowered the client to improve customer retention and loyalty.

MAVOCO’s attention to detail is a key factor in providing robust services and offerings. Their billing system, SIM management, data traffic control, voice service, APIs, and all other backend systems are based on MAVOCO’s unique architecture. “We are able to adapt our platform to our customers’ needs very quickly and cost-efficiently because we are in full control of the platform development and its operation. This also frees us from vendor lock-ins,” says Lehner.

Companies today are realizing that by leveraging M2M services, they can turn a one-off sale into a lasting customer relationship with repeat business

For the future, MAVOCO plans to expand its global reach. “Even though most of the development and operational work is done in Austria, we have a very international focus,” says Lehner. With a customer base already spanning across Europe, MAVOCO plans to expand into the U.S. and Asian markets. The firm has observed that companies in the US are increasingly in need of a strong M2M partner in Europe. “Tapping into this market and catering to those clients is next on the agenda for the company,” concludes Lehner.


Eisenstadt, Austria

Helmut Lehner Co-Founder, CEO

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