MaxCDN: Next-Generation Secure Content Delivery Network

Chris Ueland, CEO & President
Web-based services like gaming demand a lag-free experience in today’s fast paced environment. In order to meet such high demands, strategically positioning servers around the globe is crucial in increasing speed and scalability for an ever-expanding user base. MaxCDN, an acclaimed provider of Content Delivery Network (CDN) tackles speed demands of any website by optimizing web services significantly. As images account for more than half of an average web page’s size, optimization of images and related rich content is a primary necessity. Otherwise, the resulting low latency hinders loading times of web pages. “Maintaining a short distance between a website’s servers and its end-users ensure a greater impact on performance than traditional backend optimizations—exactly what MaxCDN does,” states Chris Ueland, President and CEO of MaxCDN.

Under its ambit, MaxCDN dispenses CDN solutions to an assembly of web-based services that include advertising networks, digital agencies, gaming, mobile, publishers, software distribution and integration, and hosting providers. When web-services components experience growing traffic from users, laggard loading times have the potential to drastically impact businesses. By scaling seamlessly to accommodate an increased footfall of users, MaxCDN’s solutions enrich operational efficiency which effect in reduced costs. MaxCDN’s solutions are aided by MaxArchitecture, which dots locations strategically with edge servers or Point of Presences (POPs). Therefore, traffic is channeled to the nearest POP through the embedded multi-path Anycast network; enabling rapid content delivery. The MaxArchitecture feature is strengthened by a custom Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) stack running on Solid State Drive (SSD) servers, which streamline speed and throughput.

Development and Operations teams are then provisioned access to the network created and maintained by MaxCDN with another feature termed MaxControl. The MaxCDN control panel broadens options for DevOps teams by displaying real-time deployments while purging outdated content and generating usage reports and other analytics in real-time. Real-time control finds application in a variety of web-based services such as digital agencies and gaming, where instant Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) options are a boon.
Additionally, 100 percent uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) is coupled by instant purging; which negates visibility of stale content. Ensuring that fresh content is being doled out, and keeping a tab on published material is of particular importance to the publishing industry. Heavy density traffic poses security challenges, which are quelled by the two-step verification process and through creation of secure tokens. Regardless of the scope of Content Management Systems (CMS), MaxCDN integrates with both an established CMS such as WordPress or Drupal and a completely custom setup seamlessly.

Traffic is channeled to the nearest POP through the multipath Anycast network; enabling rapid content delivery

For example, MaxCDN’s solutions have caused digital strategist and web designer Mitch Canter’s WordPress site to experience page-loading times confined to less than four seconds. In addition, the Anycast routing grants mobile customers the fastest possible connection; due to increased proximity to Edge networks or POPs. Also, the creation of individual caches for mobile devices and desktops bestow a hassle-free experience for any user on any device.

The spirit of Free Open Source Software (FOSS) finds a calling with MaxCDN. The company grants BootstrapCDN access to utilize MaxCDN’s global network. Therefore, the free-to-use service of BootstrapCDN is rendered sturdy enough to withstand erratic surges in web traffic. Font Awesome has been incorporated into BootstrapCDN and ranks only behind Google Fonts in providing third-party font scripts—relying on MaxCDN’s established network. “Open source is the need of the hour,” asserts Ueland. Meanwhile, MaxCDN guarantees the de-cluttering of web traffic flow in any deployed circumstance to administer robust and efficient content delivery solutions.


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Chris Ueland, CEO & President

Provides next-generation content delivery network solutions that guarantee speed, automation, real-time reports and implementation.