Maxeler Technologies: Delivering a Wide Range of High-performance Computing Solutions

CIO Vendor With the increasing cost of computing services and related software, the expenses incurred in IT infrastructure are on the rise. In addition to these spiraling costs, enhanced regulatory requirements and unpredictability of performance in microprocessors are creating ever-increasing challenges for the computing industry. Directly addressing these issues and taking the industry to new heights with their unique approach to computing is the 2003 founded, Maxeler Technologies Inc.
At Maxeler, the focus is on development and delivery of High Performance Computing solutions. The wide range of Maxeler solutions comprise of hardware, software and services that ensure advantage in performance per unit of rack space, computations per Watt, and top price-performance in view of the total cost of ownership for monolithic applications.
The Multi-scale Dataflow technology employed at Maxeler enables customers to deliver strategic innovations, competitive advantage and disruptive products and services to their markets, in turn, building out more efficient, flexible and intelligent networks.
The firm proudly serves major Oil&Gas industry players including Chevron, Schlumberger and ENI, er-1 financials including J.P. Morgan and CME Group, as well as major networking and semiconductor manufacturers.The Differentiating Factors The firm, under the guidance of Oskar Mencer, CEO has based their works on a fundamental rule in the industry, that is delivering real technological innovation within today's organizations requires going a step beyond the traditional computing and networking models.
Therefore, have successfully developed solutions with the ability to deliver a more flexible and efficient platform, tailored at every level to the business needs.
Maxeler’s key differentiating factor is their approach optimizes the whole technology stack to the needs of the business, rather than limiting innovation with traditional architectures or functionality.

We build maximum performance computing (MPC) platforms for a wide range of industries, covering the entire technology stack with our Multi-scale Dataflow approach

Explaining about the unique products and services by the firm, Mencer says “We build maximum performance computing (MPC) platforms for a wide range of industries, covering the entire technology stack with our Multi-scale Dataflow approach. The platforms include solutions such as direct market access, risk analytics, and seismic modelling running with a 20-50x speed, density and power advantage”.
Looking Forward Going forward, Maxeler Technologies are exploring sectors including CyberSecurity, Cloud and Enterprise Markets, in view of the increasing demand in these sectors. Towards the future, coupled with their involvement in the game-changing OpenSPL spatial computing consortium, they are partnering with major networking and industry players to deliver revolutionary results in softwaredefined networking, allowing not only the control plane, but the data plane to be customized and tuned in realtime to the changing demands of the network.

Maxeler Technologies

A provider of high-performance computing solutions to sectors like Finance, Oil & Gas and Semiconductors.