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Iain Black, President & CEO
With hundreds of CRM solutions on the market, it’s no surprise that any specialty profession – financial advisors included – can be overwhelmed in choosing, implementing and adopting the right CRM for their business. With a legacy of over three decades, Maximizer has long and successfully served the niche financial market, helping advisors cut through the bells, whistles and unfulfilled promises of modern technology to get to the business of growing their book.

At a recent national industry conference, Iain Black, President and CEO, explained in his presentation to delegates, “Maximizer is designed specifically to meet the needs of you - the financial advisor. From precon figured fields like household structures to calendar-driven activities like follow-ups and renewals, our platform provides the tools and reporting that financial advisors depend on to both serve existing clients and drive new business.”

“We also know that financial advisors have a very administrative and compliance-heavy role and, as such, are pressed for time when it comes to prospecting for new clients or connecting with existing ones for expanded offerings,” he added.

Financial advisors essentially function like individualized business units irrespective of whether they represent larger financial institutions, brokerage and wealth management firms, or smaller boutique entities. The ever-so-crucial task of curating reports – both for compliance and business analysis – can be very time-consuming. While the data exists in most cases, being able to easily gain the insights from it is often beyond the scope of a generic CRM. Moreover, advisors often need to generate, oversee, and measure sales operations separate from everything else – something harmonized in one place when using Maximizer.

“While we have a large number of new clients switching away from ill-suited CRMs, I can tell you that we also have a significant number of new clients who were still using excel spreadsheets,” explains Brad Hartfield, Maximizer’s expert in Canadian financial advisor solutions.
“Watching the ‘hallelujah moment’ when we show them life without spreadsheets is very rewarding,” he exclaimed.

Maximizer's offering houses forty standardized work flows that cover all critical business processes specific to financial advisors. The solution presents client data in ways that make the most sense to a financial advisor. By consistently relaying information like a clients' family members, birthdays, expiry dates of policies, etc. financial advisors are empowered to track, proactively act and respond to client needs efficiently and effectively.

We know financial advisors are pressed for time when it comes to prospecting for new clients or connecting with existing ones

Maximizer’s financial advisor clients range from small firms to global players that are household names. Both new and long-standing clients like the fact that Maximizer’s expertise is all in-house; no out sourced integrators or support centers here! From ensuring on-time and onbudget implementations to customization of dashboards, features and compliance requirements, Maximizer’s Professional Services team are seasoned on-boarding experts like no other.

As Maximizer enters 2023, the company has started a new chapter focused on enhancing its legendary software. “Proof of our commitment to our financial advisor clients, we have embarked on the most significant investment in our proud 30-year legacy. The exciting development exercise underway will fortify our established solution with some marvelously contemporary features and functions that will further complement our historic knowledge and expertise in the financial advisory space,” concluded Black.


Vancouver, BC

Iain Black, President & CEO

Maximizers CRM for Financial Advisors offers all critical business processes - including forty different standardized workflows - that are specific to the industry. Drawing on three decades of software and niche market experience, Maximizer enables financial advisor clients to leverage both standard and customizable features to manage clients, remain compliant and drive new business