Maxxton: Revolutionizing Hospitality Management through Enterprise Resource Planning

CIO VendorJohn Pierre Mampaey, Founder and CEO
Headquartered in The Netherlands, Maxxton is a software-as-a-service company that provides Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions (ERP) to the lodging sector under the name Newyse. The company was founded in June 1998 by Jean Pierre Mampaey, the CEO, with the aim of solving the unmet needs of Europe’s largest holiday resort chains. A true entrepreneur and an inspirational leader, Mampaey is an ambitious man whose vision began at the age of 15 while working at various campsites and resorts across Europe.

Maxxton’s ERP system, specifically designed for the lodging sector, Maxxton’s ERP system offers a single data base solution to process business flow in real-time across all departments. The company provides solutions for the complete management of vacation rentals, hotels, resorts, and tour operators. Maxxton’s mission is to help medium to large scale operators grow their businesses and maximize efficiencies. In order to unify every aspect of the organization, Maxxton provides solutions including Property Management System (PMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Central Reservations (CRS), Revenue Management (RMS) Spa, Housekeeping, Workforce Management, Access Control and more.

“Rather than running separate systems and databases for property management, central reservations and customer relationship management, Maxxton delivers an integrated, functional, stable and open enterprise,” explains Jean Pierre. “Our fully integrated ERP- based solution significantly reduces the need to install expensive disparate systems from multiple vendors, we offer a fully integrated suite of hospitality solutions to automate every aspect of the organization,” adds Jean Pierre.

Newyse; a hospitality ERP revolution

Newyse is a cloud-based application, providing a cost effective and agile alternative to conventional systems which require significant capital and internal IT resources to deploy and maintain. Newyse offers a risk free pay-for-performance model aligning expert consultants with organizational business goals and objectives to maximize revenue. The software-as-a-service based solution manages complex businesses with varied inventories, activities, accommodation types, amenities, extras and fragmented ownerships.

The solution has earned Maxxton a vast clientele including companies that boast over 200 resorts and 34,000 accommodations. Roompot, De Krim,Hogenboom, Libema and Alpin Rentals are some of the company’s European clientele. Maxxton is also focused on U.S. expansion and is now implementing well-respected vacation rental brands. “Our solution is multilingual and supports multiple currencies which will continue to increase our global success,” explains Jean Pierre. In an interesting case study, one of the Netherland’s premier holiday resorts faced an issue with limitations with its direct online bookings.The client had enabled little in the way of visual accommodations and resort facilities. Due to non-visibility of guest reviews, lack of transparency prevailed, and it was a time consuming process to monitor write-ups and articles on the booking site. The client implemented Newyse to overhaul its online presence, improve guests’ experience and acquire powerful reporting tools to propel their business. Newyse offered a more engaging and fully branded online presence to the client. It also streamlined operations through all hospitality management elements including integrated PMS, CRS which increased revenue and overall guest satisfaction.

What’s next for Maxxton? The company will continue to lead the niche holiday resort and vacation rental market. By experiencing 20 percent growth year over year, Maxxton plans to open atleast 20 more offices across the globe in the coming years. “Apart from meeting the unique requirements of holiday resorts and vacation rentals market, we also intend to capture the hotel and time share industries.” concludes Jean Pierre.


Middleburg, Netherlands

John Pierre Mampaey, Founder and CEO

A software company that provides ERP solutions to the lodging sector