Maxxum ERP Solutions: Streamlining the ERP Process with Common-Sense Solutions

Lisa Miller Day, CEO
Maxxum ERP Solutions is a small software house disrupting the manufacturing landscape with its unique technology. The company uses a common-sense approach to software that provides a clear alternative to overcomplicated and overpriced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. They are a privately held, female owned company with no debt maintaining low-overhead.

Focusing on customer relationships and support, Maxxum ERP Solutions works with organizations to streamline their business process with the assistance of technology. With over 25 years of experience, they offer a large number of ERP implementations and upgrades that can be customized to specific client needs for all phases of the process. “Forming long-term customer relationships based on trust and support is our goal as we offer solutions to create the ideal ERP system with the tools needed to compete and prosper in the competitive manufacturing and distribution arena,” says Lisa Miller Day, CEO. The company strives to maintain a continual dialogue with their customer base in the development environment to keep evolving their Maxx ERP platform.

Maxx ERP has a sophisticated integrated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) process that facilitates the management of high volume transactions in a short period of time. As data comes in, the system automatically creates the required sales orders from the electronic purchase orders generated by their customers. Maxx ERP then sends out invoices, and advance ship notices when the orders are filled. This dramatically reduces the amount of staff an organization requires to handle the incoming orders and process the outgoing information required by their customers.

On the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) side, Maxx ERP incorporates a regenerative MRP process with an unlimited bill of materials that also allows for phantomization of sub-assemblies at any level within the bill. Lisa explains, “Basically, this is run as a daily process for our customers, allowing them to see the full scope of their material requirements and anticipated replenishments giving them the option to automatically create computer planned purchase orders and manufacturing orders based on demand.”

We offer solutions to create the ideal ERP system with the tools needed to compete and prosper in the competitive manufacturing and distribution arena

To ensure a high adoption rate, Maxxum ERP Solutions also offers support services, consulting services, and training. Each employee that uses Maxx ERP is trained so that they have an understanding of the information that comes into the system, where it came from, and how it affects everyone within the system. Employees are empowered with the understanding of the importance of their roles in the organization.

One particular success story at Maxxum ERP Solutions involved a customer that produces high-end consumer electronics. Their issue was a large bill of materials that contained a high amount of sub-assembly production requirements. The challenge was that production was continually stopping as they ran out of materials because purchasing had failed to predict a shortage. Lisa describes their success with Maxx ERP, “Using our platform’s extensive bill of materials and our phantomization of sub-assemblies, we were able to explode bill of materials for these phantoms to identify what raw materials were due and when, so they can avoid these shortages and not have to stop the production line.”

The roadmap for Maxxum ERP Solutions is driven by their customers. Their entire product releases result from addressing customer challenges and needs. They are currently looking to integrate outside field services within their offerings to allow field service reps access data offline when they are not in the office. As technology evolves, so does the Maxx ERP software. The company will continue to secure a strategic policy and vision for the future so they can offer simple to use and competitively priced ERP solutions.

Maxxum ERP Solutions

Milwaukee, WI

Lisa Miller Day, CEO

A provider of software solutions for the manufacturing and distribution industries

Maxxum ERP Solutions