MaxxVault LLC: An End-To-End Solution for Enterprise Document Management

CIO VendorBruce Maylon, CEO
Enterprises are faced with the daunting task of organizing, securing and managing their innumerable document records and electronic information. “We bridge the gap between unorganized information from different sources like email, scanned documents , ERP and CRM systems and bring it together into one filing system that is easily accessible for the users,” says Bruce Malyon, CEO, MaxxVault. Easy management of files in a single space can be problematic, but MaxxVault’s solutions are built to manage the complete document lifecycle without any failure.

With its headquarters in Long Island, New York, MaxxVault LLC provides Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) to small, medium and large companies in every sector of the industry. Partnering with Microsoft over a wide range of products like Dynamics ERP, SharePoint, SQL and Office, the company specializes in solutions for the management, distribution and control of corporate documents.

MaxxVault’s EDMS manages an enterprise’s end-to-end document management needs. “Currently, people do not need a standalone document application; they want it to run in the cloud and work seamlessly with their core Microsoft applications,” says Malyon. “Our EDMS revolutionizes the business world by managing current electronic records and converting paper documents to electronic files that enable greater efficiency, reduces costs and improves document security.” The cloud based solution – called MaxxCloud has scanning, storing and workflow capabilities that work out-of-the-box with Microsoft applications like Dynamics GL and Dynamics SL.

Our EDMS revolutionizes the business world by managing current electronic records and converting paper documents to electronic files that enable greater efficiency, reduces costs and improves document security

It organizes documents and makes them easily accessible through quick searches, allowing every participant in an enterprise to have the latest version that ensures smooth workflows.

With the help of MaxxCloud, enterprises can relieve themselves from burdens of administration, monitoring, and network maintenance without any overhead costs. The secured critical documents and information can be made available on smart phones, iPads or tablets as per the user requirement. It is designed to ensure that users can completely enjoy the benefits of their investments in document management including—search, retrieval, security, document manipulation, workflow, records management and auditing. Also accessing the MaxxVault application through cloud reduces dependency on installation and maintenance of the data on every PC or server at any business location.

The company follows tight development guidelines to make integration simple for the users with Microsoft Outlook and Office. The MaxxVault integration not only gives storage capability but also gives the ability to index documents, while keeping up the workflow tasks directly from Microsoft Office suite of products. Users can send their day-to-day documents directly from Outlook into the cloud for storage and retrieval. Several tools like scanning, searching, and document manipulation assist this entire process.

The efficiency of their solutions has garnered MaxxVault a long list of recognizable clients. The company’s partnership with Microsoft and tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics fetches them a great number of qualified web leads weekly. People do searches on Bing for document management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM and MaxxVault is one of the first companies that show up.

“We give clients a streamlined demo that focuses on the integration with the Microsoft application they are using daily, which leads to a shorter sales cycle for the deal; the reason being the core document management features are accessible directly from the application,” says Malyon.

MaxxVault has a strong development road map and encourages input from existing clients. “Giving clients the ability to have input on the product direction is one key factor to our continued growth,” says Rae-ann Brygman, SVP. The company plans to heavily invest in their hosted and private cloud solutions, along with building stronger ties with Microsoft.

MaxxVault LLC

Long Island, NY

Bruce Maylon, CEO

Provider of Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)