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Anne Mayfield, Founder &President
Outsourced marketing has become a much-needed necessity for professional services firms to keep up with the competition in the marketplace. As this competition increases, outsourcing helps improve marketing productivity, expand sales capabilities, and reduce costs. And while some firms use it to address distinct, short-term needs, others turn to external marketing firms for formulating strategy and implementation.

Founded in 1987 by Harvard MBA and business veteran Anne Mayfield, Mayfield Consulting stands out by offering an experienced and highly effective team of consultants who provide a dynamic range of sales, marketing, PR and business development services and expertise, direct to companies that sell business-to-business. “Tech companies rarely need a consultant or an agency to teach them what technology resources are available and/or how to use them. What they often lack is either strategy – identifying products or services they should they emphasize, and to which markets – and/ or the resources for implementation. For a start-up or small business, it’s cost-prohibitive to have seasoned veterans doing both in-house, and outsourcing usually produces a budget dilemma: they can either hire a consultant and get the strategy piece, or they can hire a digital marketing company that simply does the implementation based on the CEO’s best guess of what products or services will sell. We bridge that gap: we offer that veteran business component for the strategy piece, combined with a team of seasoned professionals willing to do the implementation in a fraction of the time a young overworked marketing director might be able to do. This renders the entire process budget-friendly. And the best part is we produce results.”

Mayfield Consulting of course provided data to support their claims of success: one their longest client has made the Inc. 5000 list five times while working with Mayfield, another is widely anticipated to be a first-time honoree this summer.“We frequently conduct engagements where our marketing efforts more than cover the cost of our services,” Mayfield explains. “We set up a lead generation effort for a high-tech financial services company over 4 years ago. They just told us that during the past 12 months, the effort turned over $4 million in leads that converted to opportunities. $40 million was contributed to the pipeline for the year.”

From strategy, to market research and analysis, to branding and messaging, and implementation via website development, targeted drip and content marketing campaigns, as well as distribution via social media and classic press relations, as well as search engine optimization (SEO) services, Mayfield Consulting caters to the specific needs of a company. Data-driven, the company utilizes market data, account data, CRM data, or any other data to understand a company’s strengths and weaknesses, provide insight, and then make recommendations, as well as implementation of new ideas.

We live by our tagline - We produce results

Mayfield prefers to begin with market research – the “Voice of the Customer” wherever possible. Mayfield explains, “Market Research gives our clients a baseline of where they are at, which tends to be helpful at a meeting with the Board. Secondly, it allows our clients to test whether their theories about the products or services are correct: are their clients happy with the product or service, or does it need finessing? Have they saturated their existing vertical markets or is there still low-hanging fruit to pick? Based on the analysis of that data, we can provide the implementation piece combined with ‘teachable consulting’ for a young marketing director, working side by side with them on targeted marketing campaigns that fulfill their needs until their sales funnel grows to a such a degree they’re allotted the necessary resources in-house.”

“In our experience, our technology clients are extremely successful, often without feeling confident in their understanding of how they got there, so they can harness and expand upon what is making them successful. We provide that business component. We can help them identify and message their differentiators, add them to their website and print materials, and launch marketing and PR campaigns on their behalf that laud their talents and expand their audience. We offer a wide menu, and everything on that menu can be done a la carte.”

Mayfield Consulting also provides teachable consulting in order to help a company’s in-house marketing agents take over the overall operation after the development and implementation of the strategy, once the target market and customer needs are established. The company provides measurable results through quantifiable market data that allows companies to evaluate their short-term goals, refine targets, and optimize budgets. In case of staff shortage in a company, Mayfield Consulting mentors sales management, helps customizes reports and trains them on the company’s CRM. As tools for sustainability, the company tailors CRM and marketing programs to provide the metrics and reports necessary to monitor and measure the company’s overall results in perpetuity, ensuring sustained revenue growth.

With over 30 years’ experience in providing revenue-generating results, the company has addressed a wide variety of sales and marketing issues successfully. “When we begin with a new tech client, their products or services are usually fantastic, and yet their message isn’t yet resonating with prospects. It feels like their company is this massive, shiny new engine that isn’t running, and everyone is scratching their heads, wondering what is wrong. We like walking in and finding that missing part: installing it, hitting the switch and watching them fly,” says Anne.

Mayfield Consulting

Concord, NC

Anne Mayfield, Founder &President

The company offers an experienced and highly effective team of consultants that provide a dynamic range of sales, marketing, and business development services and expertise, direct to companies that sell business-to-business. Whether it’s market research or the voice of the customer, sales strategy, press, and public relations, or content marketing, Mayfield Consulting leaves no stones unturned in providing value to a company’s expansion strategy in a marketplace. From strategy analysis, providing slogans and taglines, product naming/branding, email campaigns, blogging and copywriting, social media management andsearch engine optimization (SEO), Mayfield Consulting caters to the specific needs of a company effectively

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