MazeBolt: Innovative and Sophisticated DDoS Testing

Matthew Andriani, CEO
Time and again, global organizations with access to the cutting edge-equipment, well-trained people and tried and true processes were coming under attack. Matthew Andriani, the founder of MazeBolt recognized that some of the world’s largest and most formidable institutions were operating without a clear understanding of their cyber security system, which left them vulnerable. Using his knowledge and years of experience, he founded MazeBolt with the goal of setting a new standard for DDoS testing and security.

Today, Andriani is proud to say that “MazeBolt is considered a thought leader on all matters DDoS related. Organizations, including Fortune 50 and NASDAQ listed companies rely on its DDoS testing platform and expertise to strengthen their resistance to DDoS attacks, this ensures their organization will maintain 24x7 service availability, even when under attack.” MazeBolt has become a success by creating a platform that adapts to create customized DDoS assessments that not only meet, but exceed expectations for performance when it counts most.

MazeBolt has carved out a unique niche in the cyber security market by implementing a testing methodology that is completely objective and disengaged from vendor interests. As attacks continue to become more sophisticated, so do their testing methods. MazeBolt is constantly pursuing the perfection of a two-phase testing methodology that is current with trends and addresses real-world challenges.

This process begins with a BaseLine test that simulates real attacks. During this phase, MazeBolt will identify any area that didn’t perform as expected and make recommendations for improvement. Once adjustments have been made, the next step involves a more rigorous APT testing that will reveal any additional weakness in an effort to mitigate future attacks. “Customers who rely on MazeBolt testing services can expect a proprietary testing system that is uniquely positioned to conduct thorough threat assessments,” states Andriani.

The beauty of MazeBolt’s services is that they reject the notion of a one-size-fits-all product and seek to validate the performance of DDoS solutions based on the individual company’s goals and strategies.

MazeBolt is committed to providing the most relevant threat assessment needed for an organization’s cyber security management to make the correct technological and policy decisions

“Customers trust MazeBolt to test their ‘Best and Final’ choices so that they can take a decision based on validated performance for each Vendor. They realize a mistake at this stage could be very costly, in terms of man-hours, service downtime, and financial outlay,” says Andriani. MazeBolt is committed to gathering information and providing companies with the guidance they need to make the right security decisions.

MazeBolt provides customers with a variety of consulting and testing services that can be packaged in order to best meet both security and budgetary needs. In fact, DDoS testing is just one of three modules that comprise the more comprehensive Threat Assessment Platform. Customers can take a proactive step towards expanding their security efforts by also taking advantage of both the Vulnerability Scanning and Phishing Simulations and Security Awareness modules.

Over the years, the company has established a proven track record of helping large businesses reduce downtime, protect their reputation, and eliminate unnecessary revenue loss due to DDoS attacks. According to Andriani, “In our field, the quality of results are quickly understood and quality is what we deliver in each assessment.” Even the best DDoS mitigation equipment can’t provide adequate protection if it hasn’t been thoroughly tested against real-world attacks. Looking towards the future, MazeBolt aims to continue to be an industry leader and offer superior testing methods and technology to their clients.


Ramat Gan, Israel

Matthew Andriani, CEO

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