Mazik Global: Unchaining Business Solutions with MazikAX

CIO VendorSid Siddiqui, President
Recognized worldwide as one of the two companies responsible for the development of Microsoft Dynamics AX, the technologists at Mazik Global never rest. “Mazik is one of the most deeply experienced Microsoft Dynamics AX partners and our skilled consultants and analysts live, eat, and breathe manufacturing,” says a proud Sid Siddiqui, President of Mazik Global. The company’s solutions emanate from the same body of expertise and industry knowledge used to craft the flagship Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for Microsoft.

Solutions provided by Mazik Global allow manufacturers to streamline their processes and quickly adapt to changing demands in the market.
Mazik Global has been a solutions provider since its outset, and its legacy continues with the family of applications they have brought to market for manufacturers. Their MazikAX application is intuitive, secure, mobile, and role-tailored. This allows executives the access to financial information in real time, and managers the ability to orchestrate and control their shop floors from a single, integrated dashboard available in their mobile devices. MazikAX amplifies the value of a manufacturer’s ERP by “unchaining” the business solution from desks and workstations. MazikAX Shop Floor Control is an application that fully integrates with Microsoft’s ERP solution Dynamics AX 2012. It allows operators to keep track of job details, time spent on a job, and the resources required for completing a project.

Today the manufacturing industry is susceptible to a variety of challenges like intensifying global competition,rising energy, raw material and tax cost pressures. A multitude of vendors might be selling business technology products in the market but Mazik Global goes beyond just selling their products. Customers are MazikGlobal’s primary focus and they exhibit a deep commitment in bringing success to clients in a way that is cost effective.

“Our customers tend to come to us because of a specific challenge they want to overcome: a crushing non-compliance fee, unacceptable levels of dead inventory, or loss of revenue to foreign competition,” remarks Siddiqui.
Mazik Global constantly minimizes risk, by following Microsoft SureStep implementation methodology and their own rigorous project management practices. They conduct a deep analysis to understand the needs of their clients and then tailor solutions. For one such client that was facing complexity in their business, Mazik Global was able to provide visibility across various modules through their solution. Previously, the client was not able to respond rapidly enough to their customers for a complete quote to cash process, leading to unimproved revenue and profitability. Mazik Global designed a Microsoft solution that emphasized specific facets of AX, CRM, and mobile and social platforms to gain significant business advantage over the competition. This had a huge and positive impact on the client’s productivity, process automation, and their compliance status.

MazikAX amplifies the value of a manufacturer ERP by unchaining the business solution from desks and workstations

Throughout the years, Mazik Global has been consistently expanding their solutions, solving manufacturing problems for their customers, and bringing their expertise to Microsoft customers around the world. “Our stated goal is to become the single most relied-upon Microsoft partner in manufacturing in the world and we know that to get there we have to keep firing on all cylinders and delivering maximum success and value to each of our customers,” says Siddiqui. This very commitment towards customer service and deep expertise is what enables Mazik Global to manage projects and business system implementations efficiently and painlessly, making them the one stop shop for manufacturing solutions.

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