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Marcos Póvoa, CEO and Partner
In today’s digital transformation full adoption era, we are still seeing Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Consumer Packaged Goods companies tied to complex legacy systems to support their customers on how to sell the right product at the right time. To compensate the technology shortcomings, the business environment has become jigsaw puzzle composed by a myriad of products and customer datasets, causing the sales departments to struggle to meet their desired targets with a manual approach, and motivating the deployment of narrow focused single purpose tech-driven solutions. The outcome of the added technology has increased the sales operations complexity, caused by the absence of a overarching digital automation layer capable of integrating management and manufacturing systems with sales, hindering many businesses from achieving sales and pricing goals and a positive ROI on their technology implementations.

Addressing this challenge with its innovative Win The Market (WTM) platform that bridges the gap between manufacturers and retailers to drive timely sales at the best pricing is Florida-based MC1. The company’s Win The Market platform increases the sales process efficiency and productivity at the point of sale, thereby enhancing the overall sales execution and enabling sales personnel to be more productive. “We not only facilitate seamless digital transformation for our clients but also improve the productivity of their sales team with real-time market data automating repetitive activities,” says Marcos Póvoa, CEO and partner at MC1.

Founded in 2003, MC1 has since grown and expanded its operations in over 25 countries for 80,000+ users, becoming the leader for retail execution and monitoring in the Latin American market with multiple recognitions from Gartner and The Promotion Optimization Institute. At the heart of this success is the flexibility and scalability of MC1’s WTM platform, enabling the company to understand the unique client organization-specific requirements and deliver the features that best fulfill them. Furthermore, the WTM platform can offer in-device real-time sales tools and actionable insights to the salesperson on site, regardless of internet access. The MC1’s platform’s SaaS infrastructure enables secure, reliable, and scalable integration with other systems within the customer’s tech stack.
The solution’s advanced analytics capability also aids sales departments to capture and assess the most critical information to offer actionable intelligence that can transform and optimize their sales execution processes.

The WTM platform can calculate the ideal volume and product mix at the best pricing to enhance a salesperson’s ability to make a sale and save unwanted expenses simultaneously

MC1’s WTM Trade Marketing product delivers real sales increase and productivity gains simplifying access to strategic information, integrating all legacy systems to help clients meet the customers ‘expectations. The WTM for Trade also generates real time Image Recognition scorecard helping the business unit to understand its drawbacks, enabling management to create mitigation strategies. As said by Póvoa: “The WTM platform can calculate the ideal volume and product mix at the best pricing to enhance a salesperson’s ability to make a sale and save unwanted expenses simultaneously.”

With such capabilities, MC1 has ignited several success stories across the consumer goods, manufacturing, and distribution markets since its foundation. The PepsiCo LATAM case is a remarkable example of MC1’s team comprehensive expertise and WTM platform’s scalability. The company adopted the WTM as the go-to sales execution tool to the company’s entire sales force in Latin America.

Moving forward, MC1 plans to expand its geographical footprint beyond its existing offices in U.S., Brazil, México, and Israel while seeking technology partners that can support new features development, joint capitalizing on the near future sales opportunities. The company growth strategy includes establishing worldwide operations and a planned IPO. MC1 is currently performing strategic acquisitions to ensure the continuation of its impeccable organic growth. “We will keep working to provide world class cloud-based productivity solutions to transform CPGs sales and trade execution.” concludes Póvoa.

MC1 Win the Market

Miami, FL

Marcos Póvoa, CEO and Partner

Helping companies in growing revenues and maximizing profits to Win The Market. MC1’s WinTheMarket platform brings intelligence, excellence, and high performance to CPG retail sales execution

MC1 Win The Market