MCIS, Inc.: A Coherent Platform to Improve Patient Care

Derek Anderson VP Sales & Marketing
With dynamic regulations in healthcare, there has been a paradigm shift within the healthcare industry where healthcare organizations are striving to stay compliant and keep their products secure. But physicians have a different story to tell. “I believe IT leaders across the healthcare industry can relate to how dissatisfied their co-workers, especially physicians, are. Technology has become an obstacle and burden for them to actually do what they are trying to do, which is provide care,” informs Derek Anderson, VP-Sales & Marketing, MCIS, Inc.

For many physicians and health¬care providers, the search for an adept partner is answered with MCIS. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Marshfield Clinic Health System in Wisconsin, MCIS is a health¬care company focused on technology. Having a profound under¬standing of the challenges faced by physicians, the company is out there to increase ease of use of technology with its cloud-based MCIS Clinicals™ platform. The electronic health record (EHR) platform ensures optimal workflow across the care team, solving what Anderson explains, “We have regular feedback from physicians within the industry stating ‘our EHR forced me to change my workflow.’ They want to have a conversation with their patients, understand what they are in for, the history of their care; take all these different variables into consideration and develop a care plan jointly with their patient to improve their health.”

MCIS Clinicals™ takes care of all these requirements with a documentation tool, integrated analytics, and a patient portal with a mobile application. The EHR is a documentation tool that supports the clinician to easily capture the documentation with structured data. Anderson explains, “Our key differentiator is our MCIS Insights™ product, which integrates analytics with a real-time dashboard view of patient populations.” Real-time analytics provides a meaningful, more accurate and holistic view of the population, as well as individual patients. As care teams are strapped for time to engage with patients outside of the clinic visit, the patient list detail provides great efficiencies for the care teams to create interventions and work toward meeting the aim of improving the health of the population, while decreasing costs and improving the patient experience.
MCIS has empowered patients to take an active part in their care with the patient portal. “Many organizations have a patient portal to meet the ‘Meaningful Use’ checkboxes, but we focus on providing patients better access to their health information to engage them in their own care,” adds Anderson. Patients can view their record, test results and care plan goals. The efficacy of the solution is apparent in an implementation highlight where a leading clinic practice was able to witness a dramatic increase in the care. Compared to 2004, blood pressure control rate increased from 49.8 percent patient controlled to 77.3 percent. Additional 674 heart at¬tacks were avoided saving $56,953,000 over 10 years.

Our key differentiator is our MCIS Insights™ product, which integrates analytics with a real-time dashboard view of patient populations

By identifying the high-risk patients who are likely to be hospitalized, MCIS has been delivering the next level of care. “We want to provide the entire Meaningful Use requirements at the right time, allowing care teams to be more proactive in their interventions and ultimately reduce the cost of health¬care,” says Anderson. MCIS also offers security services, HIPAA compliance and penetration testing to protect its customers’ valuable information. “From a clinical perspective, the focus will always be on challenges providers face and reducing the burden of technology for providing efficient patient care,” concludes Anderson.


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Derek Anderson VP Sales & Marketing

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