McMahon Associates: Engineering COTS GIS Solutions

Brian Berdel, CIO
The drastic evolution in GIS space has minimized almost every aspect of what it takes to track the geographical data—be it in terms of software, technology, or mere capital. Currently, managing and storing huge amounts of data is the biggest challenge in GIS space. According to Brian Berdel, CIO, McMahon Associates, Inc., “the main issue that customers face is managing enormous amounts of data associated to GIS to make it user-friendly and effective to the end-user; thus enabling them to visualize data from others’ point of view without any specific GIS training.”

McMahon Associates, Inc. is an engineering firm that designs custom solutions in the fields of civil engineering, and construction services. It offers consulting services in traffic design and construction, including highways, transit and many more, which comes along with its mentoring, continuing education and leadership qualities. Partnered with Microsoft and Esri, the company provides SaaS solutions for its clients, customized to their needs and stores all the data in the cloud for easy tracking and mapping.

Of all the products delivered by McMahon, Berdel recognizes ‘Traisr’ to be the key one, offering different users the ability to manage their assets efficiently. “Traisr is our new web-based GIS product, hosted in the cloud, which helps our clients with tracking their assets, providing management for forecasting, and ease of reporting functions on active management. Also, it assists the client to understand the life-span of that asset,” says Berdel. “Traisr has seven different modules right now. It can do asset management, work order, or work flow management, inspections, operations, permitting among others,” he adds.

A unique feature is contained within Operations Centrl, a module which integrates moveable assets with fixed assets. This gives users the ability to track their fleets as well as their workforce. The ability to track fleets of snow plows during a winter event, in conjunction with GIS data integration, has proven invaluable to saving our clients time and money.

McMahon works with government, public and private sector clients, where they focus on enhancement of transportation modes through various means directed at vehicle operations; highways, where they design and oversee construction of highways; intelligence transportation systems and traffic signal planning, that delivers solutions to transportation system challenges; structures, where McMahon proposes rehabilitation techniques to expand old structures with cost-effective service, and many more.

Our cloud based SaaS model allows our clients to receive updates automatically, which keeps their application up to date with the latest technologies

The company also focuses on transportation planning, transit, data collection and highway safety.

The company’s unique selling point lies in its consistency to bring in new people into management, which enables them to gain maximum insight knowledge in GIS space. In addition, Berdel believes that McMahon’s uniformity in updating GIS applications with the latest technology has the added factor that keeps McMahon ahead of the curve. “Being a SaaS model, we update our existing application regularly, therefore updating our clients alongside,” Berdel says.

McMahon’s efficiency in delivering services is well-reflected from its success story with the Hamilton Township, New Jersey project. Hamilton Township was looking for a proper and effective way to manage the township’s assets and organize documentation while being able to communicate the issues and resources to thousands of residents. McMahon designed a customized solution ‘iGIS’ that included Snow Plow management integrating GPS. It served the staff and residents with flexibility and expandable service. Also the solution ‘Waste-Water Management Module’ was directly integrated with an existing work-order management system, which enabled automation and electronic tracking of permits and issues throughout the township.

Berdel envisions McMahon’s future in terms of expanding its services across the globe and says, “We are trying to grow as global as possible, starting off in the mid-Atlantic region as well as up and down the east coast and our next goal would be pushing to the west and maintaining that market share where we see a lot of opportunity.”


Fort Washington, PA

Brian Berdel, CIO and Joseph j. DeSantis, President

Provides customized GIS solutions on SaaS platform and ensures on-cloud data storage