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Dr. Jayesh Sheth, M.D., Founder & Chairman, Jim Wesp, CEO Suhas Gandhi, COO & CTO
The transition to electronic health records (EHR) and healthcare reform have only added to the existing challenges of managing a medical practice. In the words of Dr. Jayesh Sheth, M.D., Founder and Chairman of MDofficeManager, “physicians get great training in providing clinical care, but none in the management of a business—their practice.” Dr. Sheth and his brother created CrystalVoxx in 1999 to streamline the back-office processes of his practice. It evolved into a comprehensive solution for transcription, coding, billing, and EHR. Shortly thereafter, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009 provided the impetus for the large-scale transition to electronic health records.

It was followed a year later by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Between HITECH and PPACA, providers faced the requirement for fundamental changes in their back-office processes. According to Jim Wesp, CEO, MDofficeManager, “healthcare is an industry that must constantly react to its own ‘three Rs’: regulation, reimbursement, and reform.” The new challenge is how to streamline operations to control healthcare costs without compromising quality of care.

“Healthcare organizations must become more nimble and efficient in their operations, and develop platforms to manage record retention and transcription, coding, and billing to reduce overhead,” says Wesp. Reimbursement rates will remain under pressure, and the movement to merit-based incentive payment systems (MIPS) requires thorough scrutiny of coding and billing submissions to maximize reimbursement and minimize audits to offset continued reductions in negotiated rates. For example, transcription accuracy is extremely critical. MDofficeManager scrubs transcription products regardless of the input method, ensuring both that the transcript is accurate and that no vital components are missing.

In the coding phase, MDofficeManager’s workflow is designed so that whatever information is produced—from an office visit to a hospital record progress note—is uploaded to the coding database. All time spent and services ordered by the provider are automatically captured in the software’s review of the notes, so that the billing can flow from those encounters in real time as they are added to the record.

Healthcare organizations must become more nimble and more efficient in their operations, and develop platforms to manage record retention, transcription, coding, and billing to reduce overhead

Having a powerful, flexible, and current platform is a point of pride for MDofficeManager. “We constantly update our platform based on client feedback, regulatory changes, and reimbursement requirements,” says Wesp. Because it can interface with most existing EHR systems, MDofficeManager also has the flexibility to provide clients with only selected components of its system if there are aspects of their existing systems that they prefer to keep.

That flexibility extends to client-specific customization as well. “We will modify screens or other aspects of the system to meet exactly what our client needs,” says Wesp, adding, “that degree of customization is something offered by few other providers in this segment.”

MDofficeManager offers a 90-day, no-obligation assessment with each client to determine their needs. That assessment includes a complete review and audit of the client’s existing system. MDofficeManager provides feedback and indicates where it can offer improvements based on client requirements. The company also offers CCM (Chronic Care Management) solution to healthcare facility to improve patient care.

Looking ahead, Wesp predicts that MIPS will produce significant attrition among providers of EHR platforms because of technological challenges, and that new demands will probably arise from the expansion of clinical care management. “Providers must be able to continue care after hospitalization, maintaining contact to ensure patient compliance and being able to intervene appropriately.” MDofficeManager plans to remain the platform of choice to meet those demands.


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Dr. Jayesh Sheth, M.D., Founder & Chairman, Jim Wesp, CEO Suhas Gandhi, COO & CTO

MDofficeManager provides EHR and reimbursement solutions for healthcare providers