MDSi: Centralized Visibility for Dexterous Inventory and Asset Lifecycle Management

Steve Hyser, EVP of Sales
Rapid expansion of businesses, along with an acute upsurge in technological trends, demands for clear-cut estimation and evaluation of company resources. Major firms relentlessly monitor their equipment and purchase appropriate products for achieving maximum output. However, organizations often make erroneous decisions by procuring duplicate hardware due to lack of visibility of all available assets within their asset lifecycle management processes. As a result, companies are burdened with unnecessary equipment purchase expenses and poor reliability around new technology acquisitions, making centralized visibility of all available hardware critical to optimize infrastructure performance. MDSi, an Alpharetta, GA based company, provides customized technology solutions that unify supply chain logistics and finance requirements for telecom, cable, and data center infrastructure environments. MDSi’s comprehensive analysis and innovative solutions reduce unnecessary costs, centralize visibility, and optimize value at every phase of an asset lifecycle. “Cost avoidance means having full visibility. Providing that visibility along with our expertise in engineering and implementation, we can customize solutions that focus on managing current inventory and new inventory within the rules required by supply chain, procurement, planning, and finance,” says Steve Hyser, EVP of Sales, MDSi.

MDSi’s solutions offer a complete monitoring system avoiding duplicate inventory purchases and reducing unwanted expenses. The company’s flagship solution PACT, Partner Activity Coordination Tool, is a comprehensive business intelligence and field resource tool that companies utilize to simplify and manage their inventory procurement process. PACT presents companies with complete information about all un-tethered assets—those which are not yet deployed or have been decommissioned—gaining full visibility of unemployed machinery. PACT also keeps track of clients’ inventories to evaluate the current status of assets in terms of usability and availability. Subsequently, if one division doesn’t need a certain IT asset, PACT re-evaluates and re-deploys it to another division or group. “MDSi harvests existing assets, confirms and sets proper inventory levels to support the business. PACT allows engineers and field technicians the ability to order with ease and without thinking of price or availability because those rules are defined in the background.
All parties gain visible access to information required to assess and track existing equipment to determine hardware viability and best-use within the organization,” affirms Hyser.

By utilizing MDSi’s total resource management practices, services, and solutions, clients have shown a notable ROI allowing them to channel new, unused capital to enhance additional business activities. For instance, a large telecom distributor faced a challenge managing their huge inventory load. The client dealt with equipment across 75 markets, frequently purchasing duplicate inventories due to lack of inventory visibility – a petrifying scenario from an asset manager's perspective. By implementing MDSi’s PACT solution, the telecom organization succeeded in tracking their entire inventory through a central platform tied to their own systems, helping them avoid over $130 million in cost over a 7 year period. “We make sure that our solutions help companies find the right equipment, at the right time, at a much lower cost, systematically, and continually,” says Hyser.

Through our expertise in engineering and implementation, we customize solutions to help customers have visibility and focus on managing inventory

MDSi helps organizations manage their overall inventory and assets to achieve ongoing cost reductions and sustainability by creating clear visibility throughout the hardware lifecycle. They also work with their customers to identify unique solutions focused on their needs. As an example, MDSi incorporated RFID technology for optimal hardware management in controlled environments where speed and accuracy are essential.

Moving forward, MDSi is continually developing enhanced versions of their solutions to provide faster, more accessible asset management including mobile platforms to deliver real-time assessment and greater visibility wherever required. The future is delivering more agile cost avoidance strategies and implementation.


Alpharetta, GA

Steve Hyser, EVP of Sales

Provider of customized technology solutions for telecom, cable, and data center infrastructure environments for reducing costs, centralizing visibility, and optimizing value at every phase of the asset lifecycle