Medallia: Prioritizing Customer Experience

Borge Hald, Co-Founder & CEO “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” —Bill Gates.

With business competition rising to unprecedented levels, customer experience has become the key differentiator for businesses globally. Companies today risk losing a customer forever if they turn a blind eye toward sub-standard service levels or lack of personalization in engagement. Organizations need to be proactive in not only meeting the customer demands but also exceeding their expectations by understanding their needs. However, many companies fail to get insights into their customers and visitors due to the lack of optimum IT infrastructure and an effective customer experience management strategy. Medallia is a firm that provides brands a unique technology that allows them to address customer demands consistently. “We envision an ecosystem in which companies are loved by their customers,” says Borge Hald, CEO, and Co-founder, Medallia.

"We envision an ecosystem in which companies are loved by their customers"

Medallia offers Medallia Experience Cloud, a SaaS platform, to understand ‘the voice of the customer’ by aggregating customer feedbacks, which are often dispersed across multiple channels of communication including speech, email, Web, IM, and social media. By providing a unified view of how customers are responding to products and services, Medallia Experience Cloud gives organizations the visibility into their performance. The scalable customer experience management platform captures customer insights and perspectives on products, processes, staff performance and customer satisfaction levels in real time. These customer insights enable brands to nourish long-term interactive relationships by focusing on service, satisfaction, and engagement—often in radically new or different ways. Since all the customer feedback data is gathered in a single repository, organizations can analyze the responses and tailor their strategies to augment the overall customer satisfaction through contextualized and personalized experience.
“We thought there was an opportunity—especially since technology was changing—to create a much better ability for companies to act like humans wherein they could truly listen, make use of their senses, learn from it, do things differently, and see if the outcome was different. That is the metaphor we wanted to go for,” says Hald. Medallia’s platform harnesses human intelligence and machine learning to collect the most relevant customer insights and respond to every single response along the customer journey.

There are lots of feedback sources we filter right on to the user’s iPhones and have analytics on them in real time. This makes it easier to open cases, fix relationships with customers, and discover root causes in order to fix things

A Customer-Centric Approach

Customer service is constantly evolving as technology changes the way businesses reach out to customers, and interact with them. Aligned with this evolution, Medallia’s mobile customer experience app for iPhone and iPad turns employees’ mobile devices into real-time customer intelligence and service machines. The mobile application can be configured for most B2B companies across a wide range of industries. The app helps brands to evaluate how they differentiate themselves from others in providing great customer experience. Once Medallia’s customer log into the app, they can see a scoreboard, which shows how their brands are performing on key customer experience scores. Users can read comments, analyze and filter the scoreboard based on a particular customer or responses from an individual with specific roles to capture the feedback in real-time, right on their iPhone. By pushing customer feedback directly to mobile devices, brands can take immediate actions to resolve the customer’s issue, while on the go. They can also map the scores and perform immediate surveys on how the brand is providing exceptional customer experiences compared to their competitors. A retailer or a hospitality company, for instance, can visualize how their store or property performs compared to their peers and then take necessary actions to enhance the customer experience.
Medallia’s ‘mobile first’ approach and their strategic solutions allow its clients to review social feedback data with alerts, actions and comments whenever they receive negative customer responses. Through regular notifications via iPhone, brands can quickly respond to discontented customers and work together to solve those issues in real time. “There are lots of feedback sources we filter right on to the user’s iPhones and have analytics on them in real time. This makes it easier to open cases, fix relationships with customers, and discover root causes in order to fix things,” says Hald.

Outperforming Competitors, in Real-Time

With transformative technologies as a part of their DNA, Medallia has helped several businesses overcome their customer engagement impediments. For instance, Tory Burch, an American lifestyle brand was aiming to deliver unparalleled experiences for customers in its retail stores and online shopping environments. Although they were extremely customer-focused, their employees neither had a systemized way to listen to and act on the voice of the customers nor a mechanism to reinforce the complements or criticism from the customer’s end. They wanted to empower each level of the organization with feedbacks from customers to improve operations and sales.

With Medallia, Tory Burch was able to gather the customer feedback from each area of the operations across their 72 stores in North America, Europe, and Asia. As a highlight, the feedback was recorded in 12 different languages after every single transaction in different locations. The client could map all of the key touch points where customers came into contact with their employees and measure the impact of each touch point by asking their tech-savvy customers for feedback, or by listening to the existing chats. With rich insights, Tory Burch was able to deliver transformational experiences globally by narrowing down the spread of the customer experience metrics, and boost their Net Promoter Score (NPS) points across all the stores by 15NPS points.

At its core, what differentiates Medallia is their unwavering confidence and prowess when it comes to driving successful customer experience. The firm also ensures that they are continuously innovating and delivering value on a regular basis to their clients. “We believe that people have more power than they think; while a single action can impact a customer, many actions across an organization can transform an entire business.” Having top companies including Mercedes-Benz, 7-Eleven, and GE, as their customers, Medallia is growing fast by staying true to its philosophy of helping businesses meet and exceed customer expectations.


San Mateo, CA

Borge Hald, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides a single platform for brands to consolidate customer feedbacks and coordinates actions across all touch points to drive leads and retain customers