Media Driver: Scalable System Integration for Agile Enterprises

Matt Pavlovich, Founding Partner
Enterprises today are scouting for IT solutions that enable technology agility and flexibility to streamline their business processes. The future of enterprise technology is being redefined by open source as web, mobile, and cloud solutions are predominantly being developed on open source infrastructure. Also highly cost-effective alternative solutions based on open source missions such as Red Hat help enterprises tackle challenges and stay relevant in a hyper-competitive market. Additionally, the enterprises operating in IT-intensive industries can benefit immensely by turning to Red Hat OpenStack Platform to swiftly deploy and scale their IT infrastructure on cloud.

Based in Texas, Media Driver is a privately-held firm specializing in providing modern enterprises with comprehensive solutions and system integration for a wide array of integration line of technologies—Apache, Red Hat, IBM, and TIBCO. Catering to the organizational IT needs for quicker and secure application development cycles, Media Driver’s Integrated Console provides teams with Middleware management solutions for Red Hat. The enterprise-ready application supports the entire range of Red Hat vendor solutions which includes the JBoss Middleware family, an innovative assortment of lightweight, cloud-friendly, and enterprise-grade products. With key features that include a centralized deployment, multi-version and multi-vendor support from a single installation, the scalable solution also offers audit tracing of all user functions performed through the console. The console also offers Advanced Role Based Access Controls (RBAC), encrypted server connection passwords, and a cost-effective administration footprint.

Media Driver leverages their partner relationship with Red Hat to provide customers with access to the latest in open source technologies along with an extensive catalogue of product solutions. The Media Driver Managed Bridge is a robust solution designed to support seamless integration of messaging products and protocols from multiple vendors, such as the Red Hat’s high performance messaging platform, JBoss A-MQ. The Media Driver Managed Bridge leverages A-MQ’s ability to provide reliable information delivery, retail store to home office message transfers, accelerated application integration, and to connect the Internet of Things (IoT). Allowing for easy configuration and setting up of messaging bridges by the development and operations team in an enterprise; the Managed Bridge is a highly robust and scalable solution that also supports high availability configurations.

Managed Bridge is a highly robust and scalable solution that also supports high availability configurations

Providing support resources that are instrumental in helping the clients deliver exceptional end-products resulting in an enhanced customer experience, Media Driver reviews their customers’ reference architecture before suggesting the best components for their business needs. Designed to significantly reduce the time required for configuring and installing Middleware and DevOps platforms, Media Driver Accelerator plays a crucial role in installing a customized platform such as the Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite. Based on the customers’ IT environment and use-case information, Media Driver generates a customized, pre-configured build and installs it within their environment. Media Driver Accelerator ensures the enforcement of Media Driver best practices and facilitates a smooth installation procedure within a fraction of the time required to carry out a standard implementation. Additionally, the firm offers enterprise-grade analytics capabilities to assist administrators with platform sizing and growth projections and to provide operations teams with real-time information about critical processes.

With access to Red Hat resources available only to the advanced business partners, Media Driver holds the prowess to deliver the latest enterprise software, including bug fixes and enhancements for multiple supported versions. As a part of Red Hat subscriptions provided by Media Driver the customers can avail up to 10 years of support and maintenance for any release. The firm enables customers to redefine their market presence by facilitating industry innovations through Red Hat’s unique open source community contributions and a robust partner ecosystem. Media Driver’s turnkey solutions allow development and operations teams to continue uninterruptedly with their post-implementation processes or to gain a running start on their new projects.

Media Driver

Dallas, TX

Matt Pavlovich, Founding Partner

Delivers solutions for the Apache line of technologies and open source platforms such as Red Hat