Median Technologies: Unveiling Imaging Phenomics

Jeanne Hecht, COO
As healthcare science continues to move towards precision medicine, researchers and physicians are eager to maximize the quality and quantity of data through image processing. While the medical world is poised and determined to develop a more accurate way to diagnose cancer, for example, recent statistics have shown that for those patients who are diagnosed with lung cancer, more than 96 percent of those are false positives, creating additional stress on the patient and adding unnecessary cost to the system.1

Median Technologies is at the vanguard of imaging phenomics, a technology that breaks down inherently complex medical imaging data patterns and equips radiologists with better information to support their diagnosis and care of patients. “Our mission is to help biopharma and healthcare providers better diagnose, monitor and treat patients with cancer and other debilitating diseases through cutting edge image analysis in clinical trials and healthcare delivery,” says Jeanne Hecht, COO of Median Technologies. The firm is positioned at a crucial juncture in the oncology landscape, providing tech-driven, analytics powered systems to support biopharma companies with drug development and physicians with disease diagnosis and care.

With a vision to extend the advantages of the turnkey image phenomics technology to clinical trials and patient care, Median Technologies engages in the extraction of advanced biomarkers that prepares the ground for new drug development efforts focused on personalized therapies, and treatment. Median Technologies’ Lesion Management Solution (LMS) is a comprehensive software portfolio of clinical applications specifically-designed to transform the identification and management of cancer lesions, dramatically improving patient care and expediting drug development. LMS assists organizations in extracting succinct data from medical imaging and mitigates the challenges of the growing oncology landscape in the areas of drug development and therapies. By leveraging LMS, Median Technologies recently enabled the regulatory clearance for two cancer drugs for three indications in several countries.

Intended to assist investigational researchers in clinical trials and for diagnostics in patient care, Median Technologies designed the imaging phenomics platform—iBiopsy®.

Our mission is to help biopharma and healthcare providers better diagnose, monitor and treat patients through cutting edge image analysis in clinical trials and healthcare delivery

An abbreviation for imaging biomarker phenotyping system, iBiopsy® is specifically devised to acquire, index, and analyze thousands of phenotypes and establish biological associations with higher precision using Microsoft’s Cloud Computing environment. It combines non-invasive imaging biomarkers and phenomics to determine biological associations that can assist researchers to not only better diagnose disease but to also predict a patient’s response to treatment. Currently in its testing and validation phase, the iBiopsy® platform is geared towards the challenges of lung, prostate and liver disease. In the impending years, the firm envisions to shore up their partner and collaborator base by allowing them to implement the iBiopsy® platform in their organizations.

While the growth of Median Technologies moves uphill, the firm leaves no stone unturned in the conquest of newer technology trends in imaging. The company invests heavily in R&D to drive home this specific objective. With its footprint already spread across Europe, US, Japan, and China, Median Technologies endeavors to expand along the length and breadth of these geographies. The firm has its expansion focus primarily on China to nullify the challenges of radiologist shortages coupled with the lung cancer epidemic, which has gripped the country. Median Technologies also aims to strike strategic partnerships along the way that adds significant value to its expansion strategies and help them better understand patient needs throughout the world.

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Jeanne Hecht, COO

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