MediaNet Software: Redefining AWS Landscape through Innovative Solutions

Enrique Goizueta, Regional Director
Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is evolving as the largest cloud platform that reduces operating costs and increases the reliability of business operations. There are huge advantages in leveraging AWS cloud services, but for every benefit, there are challenges as well. One of the biggest challenge CIOs are facing is to get efficient AWS solution providers who have knowledge of designing applications by leveraging AWS as server infrastructure, along with scaling the production capacity. The team at MediaNet Software, with their consultancy and software development background, addresses the challenge by guiding organizations in building application through lean and agile methodologies. “Our DevOps team provides software and cloud architectural recommendations, as well as consultancy services to clients on how to best build applications leveraging AWS platform,” says Enrique Goizueta, Regional Director, MediaNet Software. The company also provides solutions related to security or privacy of information by recommending hybrid clouds. Through this, an organization can store separately some data on premise for security purposes while other data is hosted on AWS cloud.

Goizueta conveys that, “In an age of technological disruption, the market is demanding more processing power”. MediaNet Software is quickly responding to the needs of the market by leveraging Amazon services like Amazon Kinesis that helps the company to bring real-time data processing over large, distributed data streams. The company is witnessing big interest from Amazon to bring Big Data services to AWS platform. Other good examples of AWS platform usage are, enabling push notification services to allow sending large communications to iOS or Android users using Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), or distributing contents to end users from the applications by utilizing services like Amazon CloudFront.

MediaNet Software has been empowering organizations to overcome their business challenges and achieve desired goals. In one instance, due to a regulatory change, one of the company’s large financial products supplier client required to receive and process a large number of scanned documents. Moreover, the organization needed to receive the information from their customer base in a short time period. MediaNet Software implemented an image processing solution that required the company to design a highly scalable AWS architecture.
The application was built to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) dealing with a very large number of documents and, depending on the processing demand, the system went from a minimum of three servers up to a maximum of 1800 servers performing parallel image processing. “By recommending our client to use AWS EC2 Spot Instances, we were able to keep a very low running cost for our customer even though we utilized very large processing power from AWS platform,” adds Goizueta.

In addition to the Cloud practice, other current areas of innovation for MediaNet Software are enterprise mobility solutions, wearable technologies (like Google Glasses, Smart Watches, Activity Trackers & Pedometers, etc.), as well as applying natural language processing techniques to better measure and sense the thinking process of the customers and employees regarding the company through customer analytics and people analytics.

MediaNet Software also runs a strategic business consulting practice for internet startups from where very successful companies have emerged such as the private online sales club BuyVIP (a MediaNet Software spin-off acquired by Amazon for around €70 million/$96.5 million in 2010 with more than six million members in Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain).

Our DevOps team provides software and cloud architectural recommendations, as well as consultancy services to clients on how to best build applications leveraging AWS platform

MediaNet Software is now operating in three countries-Spain, Mexico, and the U.S., which gives them the ability to support customers without any time zone limitations. The company plans to continue expanding their footprint in Mexico and the U.S. where the company foresees great potential growth.

MediaNet Software

Miami, FL

Enrique Goizueta, Regional Director

MediaNet Software in collaboration with AWS provides organizations the ability to adapt to evolving scenarios, technologies, and business models