MediaValet: A Digital Asset Management System to Empower Marketers

With 50 terabytes of digital assets to manage, the marketing team at Brand USA was drowning in, what felt like, a tidal wave of media assets. Responsible for the global marketing efforts to promote the US as a premier travel destination, the organization was struggling to effectively organize, manage, locate, protect, and share their library of photos, videos, and brand assets with partners around the world. They needed a solution—fast.

More specifically, they needed a solution that was globally accessible, scalable, secure, easy to deploy, and simple for everyone to use. They turned to MediaValet, a cloud-based digital asset management system (DAMS). Built on Microsoft Azure, MediaValet provides global access to digital assets for an unlimited number of users with enterprise features such as triple redundancy and geo-replication on 24 Microsoft Azure data centres, ensuring unmatched security. “When you create that many media assets, it’s hard to manage and protect them. It’s not only extremely difficult to quickly locate and share the assets, but also to protect them from misuse—or worse— deletion or misplacement. Adding to the complexity, you also want to ensure the most current, approved version of each asset is being used by everyone at all times,” says David MacLaren, President of MediaValet.

It’s not unusual for the average marketing team to invest a significant annual budget in the creation of thousands of digital assets. MediaValet provides marketers with a single central media library on the cloud to cost-effectively store and manage their entire library of assets. “The robust boolean search feature helps users quickly find media assets, radically improving the productivity and efficiency within a marketing team,” continues MacLaren.

Our focus is on a simple and easy-to-use interface, which lets any user easily search for and find the assets they need, and then allow them to render the asset into any required format or size

Storing all digital assets in one central location, administrators can easily control who has access to groups of media assets.
David MacLaren, CEO
Contributors can easily upload their videos or photos directly to MediaValet for administrator approval. Further, MediaValet’s version control engine ensures only the latest versions are accessible to all users providing brand consistency across the entire organization-and beyond. “Our focus is on a simple and easy-to-use interface, which lets any user easily search for and find the assets they need, and then allow them to render the asset into any required format or size,” adds MacLaren.

The push for content marketing is not slowing down, with demand for rich media content increasing every year. According to PQ Media, the content marketing industry is expected to grow into a $300 billion industry by 2019. Consumer appetite for more high quality visual content on their high definition screens adds pressure on marketing departments to effectively manage their large libraries of media assets.

A recent MarketsandMarkets report projects the DAMS industry will grow to $4.12 Billion in 2019. This is an industry that is moving on pace with the content marketing needs of digital marketing teams. Five years ago, cloud-based DAMS entered the market. Recently, the focus on user experience (UX) is yet again changing DAMS. MediaValet is leading the charge in both cloud-based technology and user experience. Staying on the bleeding edge of DAMS innovation, MediaValet’s focus on customer success and product improvement drives its development cycle, consistently adding new features and capabilities.

The mission is simple: help marketing teams maximize the return on the digital assets they create. To aggregate all assets in a cloud-based DAMS, and enable easy and secure access from anywhere in the world, to an unlimited number of users, in addition to making the marketers’ work easier and has a positive impact on marketing ROI.

“We believe a cloud-based DAM system will be part of every marketing department’s digital toolset in the near future,” comments MacLaren.


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David MacLaren, CEO

Provides a cloud-based, enterprise class, global, accessible, secure, easy to use digital asset management system