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Stephen Brighton, President & CEO/Owner
Medical billing is a critical component in the healthcare industry and takes precedence in determining the sustainability of a practice. Hospitals in the U.S. experience losses amounting to $125 billion every year due to poor billing practices. Medical practices are unable to focus on providing optimal care due to hindrances they face with changing regulations concerning billing, adoption of ICD-10 coding, and unique rules of insurance companies. Many medical institutions, especially small ones, struggle with billing because they tend to manage it in-house without any dedicated staff. Consequently, mistakes occur due to oversight and critical issues lack timely follow-ups, resulting in payment delays or even denials. Medical billing services handle claims submissions, payments from insurance companies, and manage co-pays to ensure that practices are paid promptly for services rendered. With decades of medical billing experience in the healthcare ecosystem, Medical Healthcare Solutions (MHS) provides effective and rapidly evolving healthcare solutions. “MHS’ service-oriented approach and utilization of cutting edge technology allows us to provide healthcare professionals with medical billing, electronic health records, and practice management solutions,” remarks Stephen Brighton, president and CEO/Owner of MHS.

An efficient medical billing solution ensures that claims are submitted in a timely manner, along with proper International Classification of Diseases service codes for treatments, procedures, and surgeries. MHS offers customized billing services that meet specific needs of clients and manages every step of practice billing, including claims and entry submission, payment posting, patient billing, and claims denial follow up. The billing service facilitates higher cash flow, electronic claims submission, financial reports, state-of-the-art coding procedures, and confidentiality. “Your claims are being processed accurately, efficiently, and promptly, while the number of denied claims due to billing errors is reduced,” states Brighton. In case of a payment denial by insurance companies, MHS’ dedicated reimbursement team works tirelessly to make certain that practices receive the money owed to them.

Outsourcing billing helps healthcare providers save thousands of dollars when it comes to yearly revenue and benefits for in-house employees.

By leveraging MHS’ services you will experience immediate improvement in day-to-day collections, boosted cash flow, and reduced costs

Similar to hospitals, colleges and universities also require medical billing services. Students living on campus usually do not like to visit an offsite doctor and instead rely on the university’s health and wellness center for treatment. MHS’ comprehensive Student Health Services Billing allows universities to generate revenue and regain income streams.

“By leveraging MHS’ services you will experience an immediate improvement in day-to-day collections, boosted cash flow, and reduced costs,” says Brighton. MHS’ services allow enhanced insights into medical practice performance with an outcome that achieves higher profitability and provides more time for staff to focus on patient care and increases referrals, especially in small practices. The company has developed healthcare informatics and practice management consulting services to allow practices to formulate strategies based on industry trends for various medical specializations. Additionally, MHS provides a web-based mobile solution that integrates with healthcare systems using Health Level-7 standards for instant data access.

While MHS primarily collaborates with Allscripts—a healthcare solutions provider—for practice management and electronic health records services, it also has experience working with other platforms from companies such as Athenahealth, Cerner, eClinical, EPIC, GE Healthcare, and IDX. Moreover, MHS also provides financial management tools, credentialing services, charge capturing through PDAs, online charge entry, online scheduling, and bookkeeping services to help meet the unique needs of its diversified healthcare clients. The company is geared toward expansion and is constantly evaluating emerging technologies to better equip medical practitioners with healthcare solutions. “Following a performance-driven approach, MHS gets paid only when you get paid,” concludes Brighton.

Medical Healthcare Solutions

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Stephen Brighton, President & CEO/Owner

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Medical Healthcare Solutions