Medicity: Taking the Traditional HIE to the Next Level

CIO VendorNancy J.Ham, CEO
With the assent of Healthcare IT, retaining the privacy and security of patient and community data in the context of electronic health records and data exchange is a challenging task emerging in the industry. As new technologies are incepting, organizations, hospital systems and government agencies are looking for vendors who can provide robust integrated networks for data exchange, new solutions to better leverage that data as a strategic asset, and both public and private HIEs (Health Information Exchanges) to enable population health management. A pioneer in this field is Utah-based Medicity, A Healthagen, Business, whose sophisticated platform allows providers to manage their patient populations through collaborative data sharing, care event monitoring and notifications, financial and operational analysis, population insight and patient engagement. The company is dedicated to build innovative technology that takes traditional HIE to the next level and ultimately helps to make healthcare more efficient and affordable.

Medicity was founded in 1999 and is currently headed by Nancy J. Ham, CEO. Under her leadership, the organization has brought innovation to market more quickly and with greater scale. Medicity work collaboratively with other Healthagen businesses, including ActiveHealth Management and HDMS, to provide broad population health management solutions that include clinical decision support, analytics/reporting, patient engagement and care management.

The organization is known for its commendable Medicity® Network℠solutions set, designed for the changing nature of healthcare environment. The Medicity Network combines clinical data exchange with tools to engage clinicians, gain insight on patient populations, and identify opportunities for operational and financial improvement. This strategy allows providers and public
collaborative to gain value early and often throughout the iterativeimplementation and better leverage pre-existing technology investments. Medicity’s dedicated Privacy & Security team ensures the highest level of protection around sensitive clinical data. Their safe measures also include proactive scanning, penetration testing and an established defense in depth strategy, which utilizes the industry-recognized security technologies and best practices. The firm has participated in the development of standards for Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), an initiative designed to improve the way computer systems in healthcare share information, and is a committed and participating member of a several ONC Standards and Interoperability (S&I) Framework initiatives.

An Arsenal full of Superlative Tools

Medicity® Exchange™ is a prominent part of Medicity’s arsenal of network-enabled population health solutions.With Medicity Exchange, providers can immediately receive results, reports and clinical summaries from across the network, directly within their electronic health record. The solution also gives clinicians the ability to placeorders for hospital services, including laboratory and radiology, even directly from within their existing Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Other important applications include Medicity® Connect™, Medicity® Notify™, Medicity® Organize™, and Medicity® Explore™.

Roadmap for the Future

The ability of our health care system to deliver on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI)Triple Aim–better care for individuals, better health for populations, and lower per capita costs –is largely dependent on securely exchanging and appropriately leveraging health data. With this framework in mind, Medicity is well positioned for added data access and transparency capabilities and strengthened ties with their partner and client organizations to actively blend IT with health care.


Nancy J.Ham, CEO

A provider of platform that allows providers to manage their patient populations