Medimix International: Ushering in Real World Evidence Insights for Driving Success

Henry Gazay, Founder & CEO
"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”

This insightful quote from biochemist and Nobel Prize winner, Albert von Szent-Gyorgy, describes the inspiration impelling the success of Medimix International. Realizing that there are serious drawbacks to receiving market data retrospectively on a quarterly basis, as was the norm for many years in the pharmaceutical sector, Medimix developed a platform to gather global, real-world evidence (RWE) on a continuous basis.

This game-changing approach produces in-depth data and insights vital for multiple departments responding to rapid market changes and entry of new competitive products. Leveraging real-world evidence (RWE) and real-world data (RWD) has proved to be a crucial advantage in clinical trials, R&D and marketing. Medimix has developed strategic solutions that go well beyond the traditional sources of information to assist pharma companies in understanding how data is tracked and insights delivered.

Benefiting from its 25 years of experience in the business insight industry, Medimix has found a way to compile the information and gain a holistic view in real-time of market forces and conditions, major KPIs and product performance.

Since its inception, the company has focused on providing strategic data analysis and support to global pharmaceutical headquarters, where Electronic Medical Records usually are not standardized across systems or across countries, making consolidation of global data almost impossible. “Our mission is to help pharma companies attain the same quality of information at the global headquarters as at the local level, to better manage the launch and performance of drugs and their usage by the patients,” explains Henry Gazay, founder and CEO of Medimix International.

LiveTrackerTM, Medimix’s solution, caters to the need for market monitoring of major KPIs and product performance.
The cloud-based continuous tracker delivers live KPIs and Real-World Evidence data essential for monitoring and anticipating changing market needs. “LiveTrackerTM is a robust solution, which combines syndicated information and ad-hoc data points,” says Gazay.

The multi-module tool furnishes precise information for a variety of pharma-related functionalities, including forecasting, marketing, strategy, licensing and business intelligence. LiveTrackerTM provides extensive information with monthly reporting on physicians’ usage, patient shares, treatment sequencing, patient profiles, awareness, preference, brand mapping and more. The tool enables physicians to report information from their Electronic Medical Records, with patient details, diagnostic tests performed, the course of treatment followed, and rationale behind the prescription or switches in treatment. Physician samples are stratified by specialty, region, practice mode and number of patients. The data gathered is analyzed in real-time and integrated into a cloud-based, single-sourced dashboard with multiple levels of secured access, constantly upgraded through agile development.

While Medimix works chiefly in the fields of oncology and hematology, the company also tracks drugs that explore other indications. “Often, one drug can be used across indications, and clients are interested in its how and where its drug is being utilized, while wanting to note where differences arise,” informs Gazay. The syndicated nature of LiveTrackerTM makes it possible to analyze metrics and information across diseases and indications. Medimix gathers vast quantities of real-world information about treatments and by applying big data analytics attempts to understand prescription patterns .

“We are building databases of patients whose records can be compared across the globe,” says Gazay. This is especially beneficial in the study of rare diseases. With an active presence in 50 countries across the globe, Medimix plans to integrate data from healthcare platforms and eventually expand to other areas of medicine such as cardio-metabolism and immunology.

Medimix International

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Henry Gazay, Founder & CEO

Works with global pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device companies with key-expertise in Oncology and Hematology and other therapeutic areas

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