Medisolv: Using Analytics to Drive Quality and Financial Performance

Zahid W. Butt, MD, FACG President & CEO
The sweeping changes in the healthcare landscape, with the meaningful use legislation and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) initiatives to improve healthcare quality, has had a profound impact on healthcare providers. The new value-based purchasing payment models from CMS are rewarding hospitals and providers that deliver services of higher quality and value. “This linkage of current performance to future payments makes real-time reporting on quality and performance metrics a prerequisite for survival,” begins Zahid W. Butt, MD, FACG, President & CEO, Medisolv, Inc., a Columbia, Maryland-based healthcare IT company.

With quality of care directly tied to an organization’s financial health, Medisolv’s ENCOR suite of hospital and physician quality management solutions is helping hospitals to measure and manage quality and operational performance in near-real time. ENCOR software integrates with the hospital’s clinical and financial data to provide daily quality measure analytics. Providers and hospitals can perform timely comparisons to benchmarks instead of waiting months. Trends and potential issues are easily identified and can be acted upon quickly. Intuitive dashboards provide insights and controls needed to succeed in both regulatory compliance and value-based purchasing.

With its extensive library of predefined analytics content and BI tools, the Medisolv RAPID analytics product supports self-service BI for end users, freeing up valuable IT resources. RAPID’s advanced predictive analytics capability in key areas, such as readmissions,uses daily updates of clinical data to identify patients at the highest risk for readmission even before discharge. uses daily updates of clinical data to identify patients at the highest risk for readmission even before discharge. Using this data to selectively direct case management can lead to highly efficient use of these expensive resources.
In addition to regulatory mandates from The Joint Commission in its requirement around OPPE (Ongoing and Focused Professional Practice Evaluation), provider accountability is an essential component of effectively managing performance in the value-based care. Automation of provider performance analytics with OPAL from Medisolv eliminates the labor-intensive data collection effort for the hospital staff. Designed to automatically gather and compare performance data on individual providers, OPAL allows the hospitals to monitor and track the performance of their physicians, which helps them achieve their regulatory compliance with The Joint Commission and counsel physicians who are not meeting desired performance standards.

The need for real-time reporting on quality and performance metrics is greater than ever—a prerequisite for current and future payment models

Hundreds of hospitals throughout the country have successfully improved their performance with Medisolv solutions. En route to developing next gen applications in the cloud, Dr. Butt attributes the comprehensiveness of their solutions, customer service, and easy-to-use functionality of the products as key differentiating factors that set them apart from the competition. Medisolv has been an agile development shop all along, constantly evolving and staying abreast of technology and ever changing regulations. “We use our experience and knowledge to always try to find the right use case for a specific technology, and the combination crafts our winning formula,” he affirms.


Columbia, MD

Zahid W. Butt, MD, FACG President & CEO

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