MedSolis: Simple and Proactive Care Management

Akash Randhar, CEO
Care Management is all about making patient interaction meaningful. About meeting patients where they are. About considering patient’s ability and willingness along with their needs. However, the lack of effective interaction between the care manager and patient seldom creates favorable patient outcomes. A proponent of value-based healthcare delivery, MedSolis opens a new dimension in patient engagement by facilitating dynamic interaction between care managers and the patients. Employing a smart analytics based approach; MedSolis automatically identifies the patient requirements and likelihood of favorable response to allow care managers to make the right interventions. Driven by the idea of supporting dynamic decision making for meaningful and personalized patient interaction, the company steers clear of the complex IT implementations and simplifies the interactions between patient and care manager.

Catering to the care management needs from the patient perspective, MedSolis helps care managers to analyze what the patient can do, or willing to do, to deliver personalized engagement, as opposed to assisting a patient based on the general protocol. “Meet the patient where they are and figure out what steps can be taken to drive the participation of a patient in every interaction with care managers. That’s our focus,” adds Akash Randhar, CEO, MedSolis. To this end, the company offers a product suite that facilitates all interactions between patients and care managers. The suite is offered as a SaaS solution, implemented on a secured HIPAA-compliant cloud platform. It comprises of solutions, MedSolis Companion and MedSolis Manager that improve interactions during every patient engagement instance. MedSolis Companion is a smartphone application compatible with iOS or Android phones and integrates with numerous biometric devices and activity monitors. MedSolis Manager is a web-based module of MedSolis suite that streamlines patient management and allows care managers to make meaningful interventions. It has extensive automation capabilities to allow care managers to focus on selective escalations that need their attention, or let them act on population based analytics.

The company’s technologies are built to provide easy access to rich data sets about patients that puts the care managers in a better position to make accurate decisions.

When patient interaction is made relevant, there are two after effects, giving more insights about resolving a health issue and providing nonredundant information

Enabling the care managers to work quality information that is already available when there is need for assistance, the MedSolis product suite improves accurate analysis of patient condition by escalating health incidences to care managers. With dynamic decision making capability, MedSolis makes every interaction more responsive and personalized; eventually, making the care management more efficient and effective. “When patient interaction is made relevant, there are two after effects, giving more insights about resolving a health issue and providing non-redundant information,” explains Randhar.

When a care manager tries to help every patient with a predefined set of protocols, there develops lack of personalized feeling for the patient. Each patient has requirements based on various factors such as vital values, emotional health, social determinants, etc. This is where the true value of MedSolis comes into play. Explaining the unique value proposition of MedSolis, Randhar recalls an instance when the firm implemented MedSolis in a facility looking at Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) Management Program. They were facing challenges in managing and allowing care managers follow up with patients. After deploying MedSolis, the company could achieve engagement of 80- 90 percent on a consistent basis.

Taking their smart yet simple interaction concept to the next level, MedSolis looks forward to improving their solutions with voice interaction, cognitive computing, and deeper analytics. The company also focuses on enhancing some of the behavioral and personal health aspects of a patient while introducing an innovative feature related to social interaction and gamification in the next quarter.


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Akash Randhar, CEO

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