Medullan: Fostering an Open and Dynamic Healthcare Ecosystem

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Ahmed Albaiti, Founder & CEO
Delivering an engaging digital health solution that achieves meaningful impact at the individual level can be an extremely challenging proposition. Thousands of attempts litter the digital health “graveyard”. A mere decade ago, it seemed far-fetched to believe that digital therapeutics would be prescribed as efficacious treatment, independent of pharmacological products. Today, however, thousands of such solutions are being readied for market by technology innovators all over the world.

The last decade, however, has also produced a mushrooming of healthcare technology players and their respective apps and connected devices, leaving consumers, clinicians and CIOs with too many options. While digital health was intended to lower costs, increase efficiency, and reduce errors, it is often viewed as a golden goose for technology players to launch solutions across the healthcare value chain: payers, providers, and life sciences organizations. With heavier investment in the digital health space, both institutional and commercial, there is a surplus of solutions chasing the same problems. Medullan, a digital healthcare solution provider based in Massachusetts, is a game-changer in the industry, operating with a “less is more” formula to delivering patient-centric solutions that can scale.

According to the Founder and CEO of Medullan, Ahmed Albaiti, CIOs and patients are sharing the pain. There are often dozens of apps available to any individual being served by a healthcare company. Most of them are barely utilized. Many US large employers offer tens of digital health self-management programs, often mismatched with the needs of employees.

The current response to this problem is “walled gardens” that integrate a cafeteria of pre-determined solutions. Medullan encourages its customers to take a lightweight integration approach and foster an open ecosystem instead.
“We want our customers to choose third-party solutions that best fit their population needs. We think it’s important that customers enjoy the best of all worlds,” adds Albaiti, noting that this also reduces the risk of disintermediation from the consumer relationship.

We want customers to get the most out of their existing assets, so that they don’t have to keep switching portals and apps just to keep up

A Medullan customer’s digital healthcare transformation journey to this open ecosystem is iterative empowering the customer to target their efforts based on a clearly identified set of objectives and a roadmap to get there. The customer has the luxury of evolving their stable of technology partners as the market evolves. This encourages reuse of existing digital assets to maximum effect. With Medullan, customers and consumers enjoy personalized experiences on the same open platform.

“We help our customers move to this agile, open, target architecture, while enabling them to create their bespoke branded experience. We give them a simple option: either stay within a” walled garden” or work with an evolving stable of technology partners that is as good as the best in market. We want customers to get the most out of their existing assets, so that they don’t have to keep switching portals and apps just to keep up,” explains Albaiti.

As Medullan continues to design and deliver solutions on the premise that digital healthcare is “a journey,” it is enroute to disrupting a space that often resorts to throwing more technology at the problem.


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Ahmed Albaiti, Founder & CEO

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