MedXM: Member-Centric Services to Augment Patient Care

Sy Zahedi, President & CEO
The healthcare industry has embraced novel methodologies to deliver services and augment patient care. However, recent estimates by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that nearly 133 million Americans are suffering from chronic diseases. By 2020, the number is estimated to reach almost 157 million. “Deadly illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes can be prevented and hospital re-admission can be reduced by making healthy choices and taking proactive measures,” informs Sy Zahedi, President and CEO of MedXM. Headquartered in Santa Ana, CA, MedXM is transforming the healthcare industry by offering solutions that help increase patient satisfaction, reduce cost, and ensure disease prevention for Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial health plans. The firm’s range of service include Comprehensive Health Risk Assessments, Risk Stratification, Care Management, Ancillary Screenings, and Member Engagement.

MedXM coordinates physicians and health plans to educate members about their health and implement positive changes such as connecting members with smoking cessation and physical fitness programs. Additionally, the company proactively seeks to help members through early detection of chronic diseases such as diabetes. “MedXM’s credentialed and highly trained provider network of doctors, nurse practitioners, and technicians are sought to engage the clients’ membership,” extols Zahedi. Further, the company is known for specialized member outreach in which highly trained and monitored Customer Care Coordinators educate members over the phone with relevant information and address queries related to programs and services provided through their health care plan.

Customer Care Coordinators schedule preventive service appointments at a member’s home, skilled nursing facility, or MedXM’s retail clinics. “During the patient’s visit, we ensure the member understands their health conditions and provide them with a thorough treatment analysis,” says Zahedi.

MedXM’s credentialed and highly trained provider network of doctors, nurse practitioners, and technicians are sought to engage in the clients’ membership

MedXM’s proprietary electronic Health Risk Assessment Platform is fully customizable according to health plan client needs. The innovative software based approach uses branching technology to enable the provider network to observe and document old and new diagnoses, socio-economic status, and escalate any urgent care management cases. Health Risk Assessment results allow for care package delivery to the member’s PCP and the health plan to complete the circle of care. The care management plan is a program easy to understand and implement to improve outcomes and lower costs for members and health plans alike.

Being a staunch believer of constant innovation, Zahedi believes that there are various new point of care technologies which are inexpensive and portable that are yet to be leveraged by the healthcare community to improve patient care. “There are lot of resources that can help determine disease signals by medical and spectral analysis and other portable routine tools that can be utilized and shared between care providers,” illustrates Zahedi.

MedXM has developed a customer centric culture attuned to anticipate and innovate in the ever changing health landscape. Commenting on the future plans, Zahedi says, “Our roles are evolving in this circle of care. Person to person, step by step, moving towards a healthier world.”


Santa Ana, CA

Sy Zahedi, President & CEO

Provide a broad array of professional services such as prospective health risk assessments, readmission prevention and care management services.