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Lucio DEe Risi, CEO & Chairman
Every year, the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), transports 347 million passengers and 50 million tons of freight, operating the most densely used rail network in the world. As traffic grew, creating more capacity, maintaining the existing rail network sustainably, and decreasing expenses became major priorities for SBB. They needed to improve their IT strategy through a company-wide Enterprise Architecture (EA) program. “If SBB was going to be successful, we needed a way to align business needs with IT resources and be certain that the IT systems were efficient and cost-effective. MEGA was the right tool to support this process,” says Bernhard Rytz, Chief Architect, SBB. Using MEGA, SBB’s EA team created a central repository of information and a web portal accessible throughout the company for business users. The repository contains documents, diagrams, reports, IT service descriptions, forms, templates, and information on roles, people, and issues.

Companies and government agencies use MEGA to improve business performance and deploy a full range of the suite’s tools to record, analyze, describe, and control vital information about business processes and resources. This comprehensive information is then used to anticipate market trends, make better business decisions, and reduce costs and corporate risks. “MEGA has played a major role in making EA a valuable strategic planning asset that is helping more companies succeed in digital transformation,” says Lucio de Risi, CEO, MEGA International.

MEGA’s EA solutions are designed to help enterprise architects and business stakeholders get a digital representation of their organization and its strategy, goals, business processes, and resources. This representation allows executives in charge of business and IT transformation to foresee the impact of their decisions and plan the right actions at the right time based on actionable deliverables. “Very few vendors can offer EA expertise and product capabilities that help enterprises create a competitive edge and meet today’s complex challenges,” says de Risi. “Our solutions are very different from other EA tools, and we build innovative software that help organizations solve strategic business and IT transformation challenges as well.”

Our solutions are very different from other EA tools, and we build innovative software that help organizations solve strategic business and IT transformation challenges as well

Specific to the EA industry, MEGA International’s HOPEX is a comprehensive line of integrated software that brings together industry-leading practices in EA, IT Portfolio Management (ITPM), Business Process Analysis (BPA), and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) into a single platform. HOPEX is built from the ground up to provide flexible, scalable, and fully-integrated solutions that organizations can install on the cloud according to their needs. With HOPEX, firms can also get the visibility and tools they need to improve decision-making and navigate change in a disruptive environment. “Much of our success is due to our HOPEX platform that integrates all of our products, because a high level of solution integration is essential to companies that must succeed in business transformation,” explains de Risi.

The company believes that the increasing pace of change in business, including digital disruption, requires continuous improvements in EA to deliver greater business performance and support a company’s transformation. “Before and during a transformation, companies need to know what is changing within the organization or what may be unstable and especially vulnerable to unpredictable change. Business architecture helps a company identify new prospects for growth and potential hazards, and allows executives to plan enterprise capabilities that will help them profit from the digital revolution,” concludes de Risi.

MEGA International

Paris, FR

Lucio DEe Risi, CEO & Chairman

MEGA International’s is a solution provider whose platform collates the industry’s best practices into enterprise architecture, governance, risk and compliance into a single system