MEGAstream: Untangling the Complexities of E-Commerce

Sanjay Shukla, Co-Founder and CEO and Justin Smith His words echo in today’s business world as well. Every organization understands the relevance of making appropriate preparations before taking on new endeavors, without which the effort is only doomed to falter. Yet, gripped in currents of the pandemic, businesses are defaulting to ‘immediate relief’ over ‘long-term survival.’

Take the retail landscape, for instance. In the face of the pandemic’s disruption, brick and mortar retail businesses have started establishing an online presence in the hopes of securing their place in the ongoing disruptive business landscape. Although these organizations are not wrong in believing that e-commerce is the optimal path to strengthening their brand presence, their efforts seem to be focused on the speed of implementation rather than its durability. In a rush to take their businesses online, retail organizations are largely neglecting the crucial non-technological factors (workforce integration, change management strategy, etc.) that play crucial roles for a seamless transition to the digitalized, e-commerce realm. As a result, they are ending up with massive loopholes in their business processes. What these companies need is a time-tested digitalization roadmap that takes into consideration the sustainable business practices needed for a successful e-commerce migration as much as the technology itself. Rising to solve this challenge and facilitate a meticulous and seamless e-commerce makeover, the technology services company—MEGAstream—comes to their rescue.

Drawing upon its years of experience in implementing successful digital transformation projects and e-commerce platform migrations for clients in various industries, MEGAstream offers the perfect blend of implementation speed as well as long-term sustainability for retail clients. From planning e-commerce transitions to designing and developing self-sustaining e-commerce platforms, MEGAstream is a one-stop-shop for all e-commerce management needs. Whether it is an individual needing a simple WordPress website or a business owner looking to make a giant digital leap, MEGAstream is always ready to empower its clients.

"Before Every Deployment, Megastream Conducts Several Phases Of Qualification, Which Includes A Conversation Regarding Clients’ Budget, Business Constraints, And So On"

Even after the clients have established their e-commerce presence, MEGAstream helps them take it to the next level. The company’s digital marketing consulting is aimed at supercharging the clients’ sales and marketing strategies, along with lead generation. For clients seeking to expand across mobile devices, MEGAstream provides app development for both Android and iOS. Moreover, its implementations come with assured security, where clients can avail security assessments, data backup and recovery, and even managed network support. Such a gamut of service offerings makes MEGAstream one of the most prominent players in the e-commerce space.

Bridging the Gaps in Digital Transformation

“Today, amid the pandemic, as organizations are scrambling to get on the e-commerce train, they are witnessing unprecedented upheavals in their back-office operations,” notes Sanjay Shukla, co-founder and CEO of MEGAstream.

Whether it is an individual needing a simple WordPress website or a business owner looking to make a giant digital leap, MEGAstream is always ready to empower its clients

For instance, even after successfully launching the e-commerce websites, they come to realize that they are lacking the skill, resources, or toolsets required to constantly categorize, manage, and update the consumer product listings on their websites. This problem is further exacerbated when it comes to multi-channel e-commerce. If manually updating the product details across one marketing channel was not already a struggle by itself, retailers now have to replicate the same across multiple channels. “This is but one of many challenges that the businesses are seeing as a result of less-than-satisfactory planning phase; there is no effective ‘pipeline’ connecting their e-commerce channels or their website-management processes,” adds Shukla. Caught amid these operational challenges, sometimes, the retailers even tend to overlook the regulatory policies and procedures that need to be followed when executing an e-commerce project. At this juncture, having a guide with proven expertise in e-commerce design, marketing, and IT can make all the difference for retail organizations.

Fortunately, MEGAstream is perfectly positioned in the e-commerce industry to help every stakeholder meet all their sustainability requirements with ease. The company possesses the skill as well as the knowledge to lay out a robust e-commerce roadmap that takes into account both the speed of the initial implementation as well as its long-term management. Based on the varying needs of clients, MEGAstream offers customized development, integrating clients’ online stores with the necessary software and toolsets to create a seamless workflow. And although the company specializes in developing e-commerce websites of retailers through WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify, it also offers ‘off-the-shelf’ applications for dropshipping companies and other niche businesses to ensure that their e-commerce platforms are in sync with their overall business requirements.

A Winning Onboarding Methodology that Breeds Success

For MEGAstream, preparation and foresight have always been the essential ingredients in its recipe for success. “We don’t just go ahead and make recommendations without fully understanding the clients’ business models and their consumers,” says Shukla. Before every deployment, MEGAstream conducts several phases of qualification, which includes a conversation regarding clients’ budget, business constraints, and so on. Following this project proposal phase, MEGAstream also performs an in-depth requirements analysis to determine the exact needs of the clients. “Whether it is complex shipping methods or multiple pricing models that need to be addressed, we take into account every minute detail crucial for the deployment of their e-commerce projects,” says Shukla. Only after the clients are satisfied with the preliminary preparation, MEGAstream assigns a project manager, business analyst, and a developer team to kickstart the deployment.
“Before every deployment, MEGAstream conducts several phases of qualification, which includes a conversation regarding clients’ budget, business constraints, and so on.”

Owing to such a meticulous onboarding process, MEGAstream’s clients from all niches have significantly benefited. Take a recent instance when the company partnered with a dropshipping business. Since the client’s shipments used to come from different locations at irregular times and varying shipping rates, they found it extremely difficult to track all the details and compute the optimal pricing for customers. That was until MEGAstream came into the picture and helped them develop a custom e-commerce solution. It not only enabled the client to determine the right pricing automatically by taking into account all the diverse-ranging factors, but also aided them in seamlessly managing the inventories from different suppliers in real-time without having to integrate multiple applications.

Behind the Wheels of MEGAstream

According to Shukla, MEGAstream’s success stories have been made possible by the unflinching dedication of its workforce. “To stimulate individuality and innovation, we ensure that the employees are given the time and resources they need to nourish their creativity and come up with their unique ideas,” he mentions. Owing to the uninhibited work culture fostered at the company, the employees have grown to indulge in open communication, frequently discussing their strengths and the areas of improvement. This is especially beneficial when working with clients, as each member of the MEGAstream team is able to take action keeping the clients’ best interests at heart. Shukla himself, as the leader of MEGAstream, always trusts his employees to steer the company in the right direction toward growth and success. “This culture of mutual trust and encouragement at MEGAstream motivates the team to think like owners of the company rather than just employees,” adds the CEO. Hence, like the ship’s crew, every member of the MEGAstream team is making the company’s voyage into the uncharted waters of e-commerce technology memorable and adventurous while maintaining a fast and steady course.

The Future of E-Commerce Excellence is Here

Today, propelled by its accomplishments and contributions to e-commerce, it is safe to say that MEGAstream is already ‘hitting the gas’ on innovation. In the next two months, the company is planning to release a brand-new platform, which will enable clients to seamlessly scale their e-commerce operations. Integrated with a product information management system, it will enable businesses to organize all their product specifications, pricing, marketing material, product content, and so on, in a single pane of glass. So, even if a specific detail needs to be changed, the platform can easily update the information on every product channel automatically, and the clients need not worry about doing it manually. Essentially, the new platform will allow clients to create multiple e-commerce stores without having to manage them separately. These new capabilities will definitely add a new level to the clients’ existing toolset—helping them automate much of the operational tasks so they can focus on enhancing their strategies and moving ahead in the retail space.

“But, for MEGAstream, the journey won’t stop here! As foresighted retail businesses continue to take a leap toward digitalization, we will always keep equipping them with the right technologies and relentlessly support their needs to help them succeed in the e-commerce paradigm,” concludes Shukla.


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Sanjay Shukla, Co-Founder and CEO and Justin Smith

MEGAstream is a technology services company specializing in e-commerce deployments. The company’s workforce is extremely passionate about what they do and dedicated to its craft. The team of specialists at MEGAstream have spent several years honing their skills and expertise. Especially, the company’s marketing, application, software, and e-commerce development teams are highly qualified and use the latest tools and technologies for the clients’ e-commerce project deployments